Three Weeks of Continous Blogging: A Summary of NaBloPoMo

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

This is my third summary of the NaBloPoMo Writing Challenge. I’ve so far completed 23 days of continuous blogging for the month of November – oh glory! Which also means I am 75% finished with the challenge – with only more week to go. Read More »

One Week of Blogging: A Summary of NaBloPoMo


One full week of constant blogging has come to an end. It’s great to see how I keep myself busy with catching up on old and new posts. I’ve also felt more inspired to write and come up with ideas. And I’ve almost completed my editorial calendar one week in advance, which is pretty unusual for me (as you might know by now). Read More »

My 5-Year-Blog Anniversary: Half a Decade of Writing!

I was in for a surprise when I logged into my WordPress account yesterday. The following notification popped up and reminded me of a very crucial date:

5 year bloggiversary
5 year bloggiversary

I knew it was around this time of year that I decided to post my entire life story online for the very first time. But I had also almost forgotten about the first post I ever wrote and the first few pages I created. Read More »

Tough Love and Beautiful Colors: First Week of November

This week has been a hard one for me. I’m sure others have been feeling it, too, or at least felt out of sync. While it’s been my toughest week of the year , I am also reminded that there are so many beautiful things going on. It’s been the first week of November, and it has literally flown by. I had the chance to go see a long, Italian play at the Met Opera, so far my second time at this fine establishment. It was a true eye gem to look at and I was happy to have spent a great birthday with a person, who truly deserved this special gift of cultural epitome. Isn’t it satisfying to appreciate New York’s obvious treasures together instead of all by oneself?

The Turandot Opera at the Met
The Turandot Opera at the Met

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Starting Out Fresh: Trying the 30-Day-Blogging-Challenge Again

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten back from a lovely trip to Europe and the motherland. And yes, it’s been about as eye-opening as expensive as time-consuming as great as it sounds. More on it to come in detail!

Last month I had tried to complete the 30-day-blogging challenge but barely made it to its third week. If I am not mistaken, I stopped at a disappointing Day 20 (with a third of the writing project left to go). Read More »

300 Posts: A Blogger’s Journey Towards It


Today marks the day I never saw coming when I started my personal blog 2 and a half years ago. Today I am proudly submitting my 300th blog post to all of you fellow bloggers, readers, and followers.

Whew! So what does it mean to have 300 posts? It means that mathematically I submitted a post every day for 10 continuous months – if I had actually sat here with due diligence and had the ideas for 10 continuous months. It also means that three happens to be my lucky number and two zeros behind it make it look even more fabulous.

Out of all the things the past 300 posts have taught me, this is the one that has come to my mind the most lately:

It takes a lot to keep on blogging.

Motivation, time, and ideas. I know, some bloggers just blog about daily life, inspirations, and what not. But it can take so much more effort if daily life is not going too happy or if you are just not on the way you imagined you would be.

In the past 3 months I’ve found it even harder to sit down, concentrate, and write a post. Not that the weather had much to do with it. After all, summer did end a while ago. But I couldn’t bring myself to spend some precious time on a hobby and passion I’ve pursued for so long because I felt guilty. Guilty with wasting my time in front of a computer, not looking for a job, or not spending it with friends and the few people I have let into my life here in New York.

It’s been a bit of a rocky road this year and as I can tell by my monthly post count, my blogging has certainly suffered a bit. Times change, circumstances change, and people change. I believe all of this has happened to me over the course of the past 6 months. Now be that a good or a bad thing or simply a thing – I’m leaving that open for discussion. However, it has shifted my attention into a different direction. While I still love writing and perhaps always will, I also love to do other things. I love to photograph, I love to travel, I love to explore new places. And sometimes liking way too many things can lead you to a passway where you have to carefully assemble your time and set your priorities straight.

So blogging hasn’t really been my main priority and my main occupation lately. But I don’t think it makes me less of a blogger than I was before. I have never felt so comfortable in writing and submitting my ideas via the world wide web than in the past year. Practice does make you a master. And seeing how my grammar, my spelling, and my style has improved is certainly a great motivation to keep on going.

After 300 posts of blogging, I feel no end is near but no consistency is close, either. Blogging is something that will just happen – the way it did before. And it’s great to share it with you all.

Here is to the next 300 posts and counting!