Three Weeks of Continous Blogging: A Summary of NaBloPoMo

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Courtesy of

This is my third summary of the NaBloPoMo Writing Challenge. I’ve so far completed 23 days of continuous blogging for the month of November – oh glory! Which also means I am 75% finished with the challenge – with only more week to go.

This is perhaps one of the toughest times to be sitting behind a laptop and motivating myself to write. It’s Thanksgiving week, and I’ve been having a fabulous time catching up with friends throughout the past few days already. In addition, I’ve also attended a few food-related events (more about it later). So working all day long, socializing and then coming home to it all just to write down a full blog post – it’s been quite challenging. Well, my four-day-weekend has officially started so I hope this last stretch of NaBloPoMo won’t be too much of a challenge. I have to keep myself properly motivated, accomplishing the thirty day would be pretty great, I have to say.

To summarize the past week of blogging, I’ll provide you with this overview:

Day 17 was about redeeming my NYC ID membership at the Museum of Metropolitan Art. Although this was perhaps a year ago, I found it quite fitting, as it was around the same season with similar intentions.


On day 18 I talk about why I gave up alcohol for an entire month – something I hadn’t consciously done up until that moment. To this date I still have not touched a single drop (although this might change with the celebration of Thanksgiving).

Less than half a beer left in front of the Manhattan skyline...
Less than half a beer left in front of the Manhattan skyline…

Day 19 is an inspirational list by a blogger friend. 16 Things I Am Doing Today appeals to all senses and describes how my Saturday went.


On day 20 I finally start writing down my west coast travels from two months ago. Three states, three cities, three different impressions.

Multnomah Falls
Multnomah Falls

Day 21 is about my first day in San Diego, more specifically exploring Balboa Park.


On day 22 I write about my visit to the San Diego Harbor and an evening well spent in the beautiful SoCal city.


Find the first week summary and the second week summary of the NaBloPoMO Challenge here.


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