Exploring Oregon: Drawing Hearts on Cannon Beach


Cannon Beach is one of Oregon’s most popular tourist destinations. At least in the summer and when the weather is mild. As soon as I saw the iconic haystack rocks in other people’s images, I knew that we just had to check it out. Especially since Microsoft uses it as one of their default background pictures (Have you ever noticed? There are some great Milky Way samples, too, as I found out the other day). Read More »


South Iceland: Jokulsarlon and Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach magic
Crystal Beach magic

The next morning held a special surprise for us: The sky opened up, revealing the beautiful sugar-capped volcanoes and a breath-taking landscape. After more than 48 hours of constant snowfall, we were finally able to see Iceland in a sunny light (which I still remembered from April). And after an energizing breakfast and some more socializing, we were finally up to an adventure. As in proper hiking and exploring of the stunning scenery. Read More »