Brooklyn Botanical Garden During Fall: Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder


Day 2 after the horrendous Trump Election and America truly feels like it’s about to fall apart. Instead of bringing people together, the past two days have unveiled an ugly side. The monsters have been unleashed and given permission to insult, assault, and hurt their fellow human beings, whom they consider less worthy than them. I cannot believe that in 2016 I am standing amongst this. I’ve cried. I couldn’t take it anymore. And then I stood up. I’m not going to be defeated by the evil accounts of horror swarming around social media or happening in my friend’s circles. Instead, I will lash back. It’s time to either punch them in the face or act with kindness. But I am not going to be a passive standerby and do nothing.


Instead of coming up with a proper blog post today, I’ve therefore decided to post these pictures of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in the fall. It reminds me that beauty still exists. There is so much beauty to be found everywhere. You just have to keep looking.







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