Spring Has Sprung in New York City: Cherry Blossoms And More!

Cherry Blossom Magic
Cherry Blossom Magic

Spring has sprung and so far it’s been a pretty interesting one. From clear blue skies over hot summerly weather to rainy, dreary winter cold – April and the beginning of May 2016 has certainly been one of a kind. I heard it’s been the same in other parts of the world, and especially Europe (snow in May in Germany, hello?). So I am not overly concerned or put off by the mix and match of weather and such. Just a tad-bit confused. Like this past week, for example. One rainy day after another. A friend visiting from Mexico surely had her time spent well indoors and probably knows all museums by heart now. But sometimes May in New York is just like that: Unpredictable, rainy, and wet. Perhaps this means the summer will really kick it – at least that’s what I am hoping for. On the bright side though, we’ve finally had a proper spring, not just a month-long hiatus of change from brutal winter to hot summer. So it’s been a lovely change, indeed.

Blooms in Park Slope
Blooms in Park Slope



Well, aside from the unpredictable four seasons, another awesome thing about the Northeast part of the US is certainly the nature. And all the colors that go with it. Spring over here is the time for especially one bloom: Cherry blossoms! And blossomy it has been.

Blooms in the BK botanical garden
Blooms in the BK botanical garden




While the blooms already started sprouting as early as mid-March, most were out by mid-April until now. Due to the winds and rain, they have now finally sailed down to the ground, but we probably had a good month of cherry blossoms flowering all over the place. From pink fluffy puffs in Park Slope over white popcorny flowers in the Botanical Gardens to other great color accents in the park: Cherry blossoms are just a joy to look at.

Blooms in Prospect Park
Blooms in Prospect Park




Aside from the Cherry blossoms, it’s also the season for tulips. For some reason, New Yorkers seem about as obsessed with their tulips as Dutch people are (well, considering this city was built by the Dutch, maybe it’s not as surprising after all). You can find them all over the parks and gardens, of course. And also in random spots all over the city, such as in pots all over the sidewalks, in the middle of the road, and as bouquets in the bodegas.





Tulips and cherry blossoms – this is how I know spring is truly here in New York City!





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