South Iceland: Jokulsarlon and Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach magic
Crystal Beach magic

The next morning held a special surprise for us: The sky opened up, revealing the beautiful sugar-capped volcanoes and a breath-taking landscape. After more than 48 hours of constant snowfall, we were finally able to see Iceland in a sunny light (which I still remembered from April). And after an energizing breakfast and some more socializing, we were finally up to an adventure. As in proper hiking and exploring of the stunning scenery.


Our first stop was Jokulsarlon, the beautiful glacier lagoon, which was halfway frozen over at this time of year. Our guide warned us not to get too close to any seals in case we saw them, as they have the tendency to bite cocky tourists only. Indeed, we were lucky enough to see one swimming around in the lagoon, but he was far away from our tourist arms’ reach and certainly not in a mood to bite anyone on that particular day.



While exploring the terrains, the snow started to fall again. This was the moment where the entire scene certainly looked like a part of the movie Interstellar, which was filmed on the same location we were walking around on. A snow desert and the lonely dunes – what a gorgeous sight to take in! Despite the harsh sleet raining into my face, I had one of the best times in a while!





Some of the fellas found an ice floe that looked halfway safe to step onto. As soon as we saw others do it, we were hooked and everyone formed a line to take a picture on it. There really weren’t a ton of people out here at this time but it was still funny to see a Japanese tourist sip imaginary liquids out of a tin container while posing like an Artic explorer on that thing.



Jokulsarlon reaches a bit around the entire area, so make sure you get to walk to the end and back. Some people gave up halfway through but the best part certainly comes when away from the masses.




Now, there is a very different location past the bridge, on the other side of the lagoon. It is here where you will find Crystal Beach. Named after its ice bergs floating onto land and melting, it resembles a beach filled with crystals glistening in the sunlight hours.



I’m still not sure today which one of those two beaches I found more appealing to look at. Crystal Beach was certainly also a magical place to be. At the end of the day, part of our group returned here and saw the crystals dipped in the sunset colors (while the other part was still exploring the ice caves). My heart resonates so very deeply with these beautiful gifts nature presents to us quite unexpectedly.



Everything until then had been quite impressive. Amazing waterfalls, gorgeous winter beaches, pure nature… But the best part of the tour was yet to come!


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