Experiencing Bareburger in Park Slope for the First Time: A Food Coma Post


Last month I was invited to my first Yelp Elite Event. Ever since becoming a Yelp Elite Member in October, I was seeking to finally attend some of their great events. One was ice-skating in Prospect Park, which I missed out on. Another was the opening night of a restaurant nearby, which I was also unable to attend. Read More »

Spending Labor Day at the Far Rockaways

Labor Day Weekend was special in a few ways. One of them was certainly the advent of our first hurricane since Sandy. Hurricane Hermine decided to circumvent the metro area but the mayor still decided to shut down all beaches, quoting riff waves and rough currents as a safety hazard. Read More »

One of Those Inspiring Nights in New York: The Beauty of Randomly Meeting an Artist

Magic happening around Columbus Circle
Magic happening around Columbus Circle

Yesterday was one of those (rare but) truly inspiring nights. I had gone out with a friend to photograph fireflies in Central Park. Just like last year, though, we had become rather unlucky and weren’t able to capture nearly as many as we thought we would. I guess all of those beautiful firefly pictures you find online are either a big fat lie or are simply shot in an environment that features an endless amount of them. Read More »

Independence Day: Recapping Stories on America’s Biggest Holiday


When I first moved to New York, I had already heard rumors that fireworks during NYE are not permitted. I still haven’t found out the reason for this but there surely are a ton of fireworks displayed during a different, memorable night: Fourth of July! America’s Biggest Holiday gets even bigger thanks to Macy’s & Co bringing in the best firecracker show you will ever see on that holiday. Read More »