One of Those Inspiring Nights in New York: The Beauty of Randomly Meeting an Artist

Magic happening around Columbus Circle
Magic happening around Columbus Circle

Yesterday was one of those (rare but) truly inspiring nights. I had gone out with a friend to photograph fireflies in Central Park. Just like last year, though, we had become rather unlucky and weren’t able to capture nearly as many as we thought we would. I guess all of those beautiful firefly pictures you find online are either a big fat lie or are simply shot in an environment that features an endless amount of them. Read More »

Independence Day: Recapping Stories on America’s Biggest Holiday


When I first moved to New York, I had already heard rumors that fireworks during NYE are not permitted. I still haven’t found out the reason for this but there surely are a ton of fireworks displayed during a different, memorable night: Fourth of July! America’s Biggest Holiday gets even bigger thanks to Macy’s & Co bringing in the best firecracker show you will ever see on that holiday. Read More »