Exploring Oregon: Drawing Hearts on Cannon Beach


Cannon Beach is one of Oregon’s most popular tourist destinations. At least in the summer and when the weather is mild. As soon as I saw the iconic haystack rocks in other people’s images, I knew that we just had to check it out. Especially since Microsoft uses it as one of their default background pictures (Have you ever noticed? There are some great Milky Way samples, too, as I found out the other day). Read More »

Portland in Oregon: Sightseeing, Biking, and More

Portland's Bridge
Portland’s Bridge

Our first impressions of Portland were quite muddled, as we arrived late at night. My friend and I took the MAX Light Rail from the airport and then decided on taking an Uber to our AirBnB, as busses didn’t seem to run as frequent anymore after 10pm on a weekday. Ironically, our AirBnB was in the Southeast of Portland, in a neighborhood called BrooklynRead More »

Old Town San Diego: Mixing Ancient With New


My second day in San Diego was about as action-packed as the arrival day. In the morning, I made my way over to Old Town San Diego, which is a good 30 minute ride by public transport from downtown. Old Town is perhaps one of the most touristy but also charming parts of the city. It literally consists of gift stores only, interspersed with touristy restaurants and other entertainment. Read More »