January 2017: The First Two Weeks of a New Year

Courtesy of www.listchallenges.com
Courtesy of http://www.listchallenges.com

We are halfway through January on this beautiful weekend day. How have you guys been experiencing the brand-new year of 2017 so far?

I am off tomorrow thanks to Martin Luther King Day (a floating holiday in the US). So today is practically my Saturday, although it feels like quite a peaceful and productive Sunday, too. I managed to sleep in a bit and wake up refreshed. Tomorrow I will hit they gym and hopefully it will be empty because half of the people here should still be on a normal work schedule. I also woke up to BeLoveLive’s new newsletter. If you want to sign up for a great weekly inspirational e-mail, head over to her page and take a gander.

This past week I’ve been taking three workshops at my second favorite camera store: Adorama at 18th Street in Manhattan. Given by two different photographers with different focuses, they’ve both fueled quite different notions in me. One, to take the fine art aspect of photography certainly more serious again. Two, to actually see my business as a business (and not the arts and crafts, like most people do). It certainly has been six inspiring hours altogether and I feel I am now more focused than ever to become my own boss and to make the business side happen. It will take research and trial & error but at the end of the day this has been my passion for more than five years already.


Today I am also going to my first Broadway Show of the year and I didn’t even pay the steep price these type of shows usually come with. How did I do it? You can always find great deals on older Broadway Shows year-round, it seems. But with this one, which is August Wilson’s Jitney and only runs until the end of the month, I signed up for a special program. The 30 under 30 Program by the Manhattan Theatre Club is quite fab, as it allows members under the age of 30 to purchase tickets for the sweet price of $30. These aren’t any type of tickets, though. The seats are usually priced at $140 and above, meaning they are in a great row (up front or Orchestra). I will see how it goes tonight but I am quite excited to be seeing my first play in a long time.

Courtesy of Pinterest
Courtesy of Pinterest

Other great things have been happening to. I went to two different exhibitions on Friday and Saturday. The one from yesterday was quite magical and is called Pixel Forest at the New Museum. I’d recommend it for anyone who is interested in beautiful lights and it seems like part of it will be running until January 22nd, so perhaps take advantage of the give-by-donation evenings on Thursday.

Pixel Forest at the New Museum
Pixel Forest at the New Museum

I’ve also created a fabulous calendar with the Lulu Website. It will be available until the end of the month and you can certainly check it out here.

Find my calendar by clicking on the image
Find my calendar by clicking on the image

As a personal side project I’ve started printing out my Iceland pictures via Shutterfly and have even come up with magnets and mousepads in addition to a personal desktop calendar. I might make this one available for next year, the images are looking quite fabulous already.




I hope your year has started quite productive, too. I feel I am just extending the sense of productivity I’ve been experiencing since December but I also feel that I am constantly becoming distracted by my own self and taking on too many different projects… Does anyone else feel the heightened sense of productivity lately?

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