My 5-Year-Blog Anniversary: Half a Decade of Writing!

I was in for a surprise when I logged into my WordPress account yesterday. The following notification popped up and reminded me of a very crucial date:

5 year bloggiversary
5 year bloggiversary

I knew it was around this time of year that I decided to post my entire life story online for the very first time. But I had also almost forgotten about the first post I ever wrote and the first few pages I created. Read More »

Power Monday: Here Are Some Quotes For Y’All (Part 2)

It’s been exactly two years since I posted these Monday Mantras. For some reason they are still (!) getting the most traffic on my page, out of all the other 400something posts I have. I thought it would be a great idea to repost them since a) it’s Monday and b) they still ring very true to me. So here you go:

German-American Abroad

instagram michael bearden

More from Michael Bearden and Power Quote Monday. After coming across his Instagram, I found some really nice posts I wanted to share with you. Last Monday was epic (check it out here) and today will be, too. And look, the sun is shining and it’s actually

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