First Trip of 2016


Waiting at JFK
That’s it! I’m at JFK, waiting on Icelandair to depart to an epic 21 day adventure. First stop: Reykjavik! Or rather: The Blue Lagoon close-by… Didn’t get to see it the last time I went, so I am making it my first destination. 

One week in Iceland followed by two in Germany and Great Britain. I am beyond excited to start my first bigger trip in almost six months since I’ve really gone anywhere… Being in New York wears on you. What I need is relaxation, nature, different cultures and a new perspective. So let’s see what the following three weeks have in store… 

I bought a new backpack. One of those proper backpacking-going-on-an-adventure kind of packs. It’s my first time wearing it and I am thrilled at how many winter clothes I could stuff into this thing. I will need them…!

Daypack that came with the proper pack