Seattle Day 2: Kerry Park Views and Walking Three of the Seven Hills

Seattle Skyline
Seattle Skyline

After the quick hiatus to Vancouver, the city of Seattle had me back. I was to spend a few more days here and was hard-pressed to take advantage of all of its good sides. Especially now that I was free of other travel pressure and could do what I pleased.

One of the things I noticed ever since being out west: The high amount of homeless people it carried. In San Francisco already I saw a good deal of bums roaming the streets. Not the crazy, smelly maniacs walking the streets of New York. Quite the opposite: Kind, sometimes young, adults who were together in a group or all by themselves. Handing them my dinner leftovers was not a hard chore as it seemed that they really appreciated the humane gesture (whereas in Brooklyn I was always scared they’d rip more than just my hand off when grabbing for my take-out-box). When I got back from the train station in Seattle and was lugging my bags back to my hostel I found two homeless guys cheerfully chasing each other on the streets at 11 o’clock at night. While at first I was a bit taken aback, of course nothing bad happened at all and I had to remind myself that danger did not lie in everything I saw.

Getting to bed late at night meant my second full day started a bit on a later note. I had checked into the same accommodation and was enjoying it for what it was. Hostel life: You really have to love it or hate it! I met these two awesome ladies from Canada. They were already retired but quite open-minded and lovely when talking about their recent cruise to Alaska. Seattle offers a multitude of cruises from its harbor and these two brave women actually went on one. Supposedly you can make the round-trip in as little as seven days but they had opted for a two-week-experience. They said that the weather had been just right up north and that I certainly would have to try to go at this time in the following years. I then went ahead and bought an Alaska calendar and now I’ve been looking at quite a few gorgeous pictures throughout this year. I think it definitely warrants for a visit in addition to my desire of always wanting to get closer to the Arctic Circle.

I also met a ton of solo travelers. One of them, a guy from UK, had just started his voyage and was to spend 3 months in the countryside of Canada. You really had quite the adventurers over there and it hit me that my envy for their freedom would be paving the way to much bigger travel goals.

Fountain fun at the Convention Center
Fountain fun at the Convention Center

So what else did I do on that day? From the quaint neighborhood of Belltown it was a short walk over to the Space Needle and Convention Center. A fountain was still roaring full-on and it was quite a gorgeous late summer day. I then discovered that walking along Aloha Street really does evoke happy vibes but that running up three of those alleged seven hills of Seattle can be quite tiring. I needed to stop for lunch and found a cute Italian restaurant close to Kerry Park. Ironically, they even carried German wheat beer so naturally I had to get a glass with my pasta.



Kerry Park features one of the better skyline views. It is also pretty accessible by public transport (which I made sure to take back as I wouldn’t have been able to walk that distance down again). You can see almost the entire city spreading along the bay and of course the glorious Space Needle sticking out in the midst of it all. Actually it is indeed not overpopulated by tourists, which I liked – a lot. But perhaps it was also due to the fact that I came during a weekday. Either way, I got what I wanted. And once nighttime hit, I decided to return to this platform and get some decent blue hour photos. Once again, I took public transport (my legs were still aching from the tedious walk before).





The rest of the day up until night fall I spent wandering around and discovering a few not so spectacular parts, such as South Lake Union and lots of construction. But then I managed to come across these fruit chocolate pops and my world was transformed into glorious sweetness for an hour or two.

Somewhere along the water
Somewhere along the water
Chocolate Cake Pops!
Chocolate Cake Pops!

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