Power Monday: Here Are Some Quotes for Y’all (Week 6)

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[I forgot to post these yesterday, so I am making a sporadic Power Tuesday out of these!]

A couple of weeks ago I re-introduced the mantras and mottos of Michael Bearden. I liked his words so much, that I went back to his Instagram page and zapped off everything that I found worthy of re-quoting.Read More »

Power Monday: Here Are Some Quotes For Y’All (Part 1)

Lately, I’ve been wasting spending some of my precious time on Instagram. Especially after deleting my Facebook account once again. Instagram is actually a cool business, as you can check out whoever without really leaving a trace (unlike Facebook, where you are suggested as “a person of interest” once you scroll through someone else’s profile). Instagram also links a huge community to each other and connects people you would have never thought to come across. In this way it’s similar to blogging, except for that Facebook now owns it and it might therefore be on the verge of corruption ( or at least that is what some people assume).

Michael Bearden on Instagram
Michael Bearden on Instagram

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Cool Places You Can Find Me At

I am not sure if you guys noticed yet, but I have been adding a few features to my blog here and there within the past couple of months and weeks. This blog is a nice occupation and stands by itself but it is not enough to satisfy my greedy hunger for taking over the World Wide Web.

First of all, I started putting up a photography blog way back in the days of October 2011. Boy, it’s almost been a year, hasn’t’ it? There is some cool stuff you can find under A Picture Every Day. Don’t let the web address distract you (photographmyworld.wordpress.com), I just couldn’t find an open URL so I had to come up with that one. As the name suggests, it is not a picture every day, unfortunately, but more of a few pictures weekly adhering to a special theme. Such as the macrolens shots. Or the ahorn squash pictures. Sometimes you don’t always need words to express the little wonders of today’s world.

Second, I’m on the awful Instagram and it got me hooked! Yes, literally addicted! Boooh! So I added this nice little Instagrid feature (stolen from Liz) to my blog and you can meticulously follow the small tids and bits of my everyday life. I’ve made a point of not getting too personal on Instagram. After all, it is on viewable by everyone with an iPhone and Internet access Web. But the one or other picture will surely make you laugh, promised! Add me if you haven’t, my current username is das_brooklyn_maedchen ( so German!).

Third, I am on Twitter! Yes, Twitter! Not an avid tweeter, as I readily admit after almost two months and 22 meager tweets. Heck, I just recently discovered how to share my blog updates with the community! But it’s fun to keep in touch and it’s always good to keep your options open. Hey, after all, I might just have to tweet about that Facebook page I am still hesitant to open up, right? Send a shoutout to Laura4NYC !

Then, I have come up with a small photography portfolio on this sweet online host called carbonmade. I was allowed to post 5 projects with a total of 35 pictures. See for yourselves how much of my skills I was able to integrate. I think I did fairly well, if I am allowed to say so…

This site is a precursor to what I have planned: My very own homepage for photography, soon to be in the making. I’m sure it’ll take lots of time and even more of editing. So if you have any tips and tricks on how to facilitate the process, please voice them! Currently I am looking into blue host as my ehost. They offer a fee of $5/month and $12/year. Hey, I didn’t even know it could be that costly to entertain your own site online, but you never stop learning. I wonder what happens when you fail to pay that fee – will they really shut down your entire Web site?!

Regardless, I will keep you posted on the progress.

I am adding this post to the online presence section on my blog (new page, folks). I will continue on updating it, so keep checking in!