Updating my Online Presence Realm: Twitter, Facebook, and More!

After cleaning up this blog and deleting a few unnecessary pages, I’ve come across my outdated contact and online presence page (see the old version here and here). I’ve therefore decided to keep you and anyone else of significance plus the entire world wide web in the loop about my most current whereabouts, moods, and daily activities. Not that it wouldn’t be particularly hard to track someone down these days. But now it’s become super easy thanks to Instagram, Twitter and Co. I’ve also joined a few more social media outlets in the past three years or so of posting the first version so I just wanted to make sure that you get the full picture of my entire online life here.

Humor aside, some of these sites are pretty cool and perhaps I will show you some newbies or inspire you to join one or the other page.

My online blog can be found under http://www.photographmyworld.wordpress.com.

wordpress photo blog

It’s kind of up-to-date, even though it could use some remodeling and some serious posting of my most current photo projects. Perhaps this blog will be the focus of my next 30-day-challenge.

My current and absolute devoted babe is my photography website under http://www.lauraskeller.com.


I updated this one last September (after taking almost 8 months of figuring out web page hosts, designs and the overall layout). I was tired of the amateur-look of my first website so I joined smugmug.com and they’ve done a pretty fabulous job in making all the portfolios I have look great.

About two years ago I had enough time on my hands to dig into more photo outlets. I stumbled across 500px and made my own account under https://500px.com/LauraKellerPhotography.


It’s neat and it certainly promotes images throughout the community. I’ve been able to discover other beautiful pictures and connect with other like-minded photographers through this web site. I’ve also been inspired by a lot of images and I hope that my pictures will continue to inspire the right people.

If you’re really into all of these pictures you are seeing, you should definitely visit and like my Facebook Account under https://www.facebook.com/lauraskellerphotography .


It is here that I will post random shots of what I am working on (when I have the time and energy, that is). It is also here that you can send me a private message or simply like my pictures and help me promote my wonderful business on one of the most renown social media sites out there. Seriously though, go check it out!

If you’re an avid tweeter, you will love my Twitter account under https://twitter.com/Laura4NYC .


I’ve turned around 180 degrees and now try to post a few times a week, if not even a few times a day. I find it funny how I don’t have a great amount of followers but yet through the hashtags and all you are still able to be found in this big jungle of chaos and over-sharing. Another great thing about tweeting is that you can just share what’s going on in the world of others – without seeming too much like a stalker or annoying person.

Of course I have an Instagram. And now I am at a point where I don’t really care about people coming across it since I have nothing really to hide.


So check out https://instagram.com/das_brooklyn_maedchen/ and tell me what you like, think, or do. I’ve come up with that name after arguing with a random guy at a bar at how I could promote myself as ‘more German’ in a multi-cultural city like New York (or overall). So this is a pretty cute attempt at doing so and even though I don’t care about my sense of Germanness nowadays anymore, I still love to surprise people when giving them my username and just hitting them over the head with this tough name. *har-har*

I’m actually not too much of a LinkedIn person but yet I do have those 700 and something contacts.


Find and add me under https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauraskeller and leave some overblown likes on my entire skillset… Alright, that was a joke! I’m sure LinkedIn benefits other people but for me so far it hasn’t done too much other than letting me in on joining some pretty sweet photography groups and connecting with fellow photographers. I am actually a bit annoyed sometimes by the amount of scam mail and contact requests I received per week but I guess it’s all part of the game and a deeper sense of online life.

My newest encounter is the long-dreaded Pinterest. You can find and add me under https://www.pinterest.com/laura2overseas/ and win the first prize for being my first follower.


I actually have no clue how this site works, to be honest with you. I joined it and created a few boards and then I got bored or decided that I had some serious work to do. But I’ve seen the great power of how Pinterest can transform one blog post into a real go-to-article by pinning it all over. This happened with my Power Monday series and even though it was published more than one year ago I still have get a lot of hits thanks to Pinterest every single day. Someone really liked those quotes, I can tell!

Now, as you can tell, my usernames across these forums are not consistent… AT ALL. I was never bothered by it and still refuse to be but someone pointed out that perhaps a bit of consistency would help in promoting my photography business and being found easier by future followers. While I do agree to a certain extent, I also feel that I have a lot of different skill sets that I am sharing through these outlets. For instance, this blog focuses mainly on my writing. The other sites sometimes deal with my photography, but certainly not all of them. What do you think? Should I unify them all or just keep on being chaotic?

Happy posting and following, y’all!

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