Remembering Heavy-Minds Photographer Chris Serrano


Today I visited an amazingly inspiring art exhibit in the Lower East Side. The Ludlow Studios were featuring pictures of young photographer and Instagrammer Chris Serrano (heavy_minds), who passed away last month. The 25-year-old native New Yorker had a following of 130k people on his social media account up until his demise. He had been an active photographer on it for the past three years, mostly taking pictures of New York – from different perspectives and angles the normal person can just dream of.




His family came up with the exhibit as part of a memorial service and unveiled pictures that had not yet been shown to anyone. His death was rather unexpected when he fell off a subway car in October, most likely in the pursuit of another breath-taking picture.






It was an inspiring although heart-breaking event to attend. Good vibes could be felt throughout the exhibition room and the pictures were a real joy to look at. A good crowd was already present at 6pm and a lot of people came trickling in over the course of the hour I spent marveling at Chris’ photos.




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