Creating A Vision Board: 10 Easy Steps On How To Manifest Your Desires

From blurry ideas to clear intentions: Creating a Vision Board
From blurry ideas to clear intentions: Creating a Vision Board

This weekend we have entered a new moon. It has been quite a magical time already for those who have chosen to remain positive during the past few weeks. I for one have made more sales from some recent photography products (my calendar and some of my pictures I’ve put up on an online art gallery), than I had initially anticipated and also expected. Or perhaps I have just been waiting on it all along and am now ready to reap the benefits.

Either way, it’s a great affirmation to see how the universe can work towards us once we have specified our intentions and nailed them down on the details. Visualizing what you want can become one of the most important tools to achieve great success in life and to get where you want to be. Therefore, today I’d like to teach you how to create your very own vision board.

I started creating my vision boards after reading a few spiritually challenging blogs on it and seeing which method would work for me. The timing for setting intentions can never be wrong but a new year and a new moon is always a good start. This weekend and the upcoming week would make an excellent time to come up with your vision board, as we have just entered a new moon. You will feel more energetic about changing your life and also more focused on previous and new goals – why not give it a try?

What you need:

– A huge poster or piece of cardboard, which you can find at a crafts store or even a regular store. I bought my paper board from Target for less than $1 and it’s even cheaper when you buy it in bulk.

– A pair of scissors

– Glue or tape

– Pictures cut out from your favorite magazines. It’s important to have images cut out from different type of magazines. If you only consider only one source, your vision boards runs the risk of being too one-sided. Travel, beauty, fashion, spiritual news outlets are great sources for your vision board

– A photo of yourself

How To Do It In 10 Easy Steps:

1) The week (or even weeks) before you decide you want to get your vision board together, you should start collecting news articles and pictures from a variety of magazines already. I usually cut out too many pictures and have to throw a few away after the vision board session, but I still consider that to be better than not having enough images and running short on them.


2) Try to write your intentions and manifestations of what you expect to happen within the next six months or year down onto a notepad. It’s best to do this a few nights before the actual vision board as you can meditate on your thoughts and get the best possible outcome of your vision board. Some intentions might not be of top priority to you anymore after thinking about them for a day or two.

3) Find the time to do your vision board. Some hours during the afternoon or a relaxed evening can do wonders. Put on your favorite music or anything that lifts your spirit and get to it. If a candle-light atmosphere makes you feel more serious about, light those candles. Cut out your images and sort them according to which area you think they would work best. For example, use landscapes, nature and trip pictures for travel images, use couples for love-related images and so on.


4) A picture of yourself should be in the middle of your vision board. This will make you draw your intentions back onto you (as opposed to any random person) and your wishes will manifest easier this way when you see yourself in front of you every time you consult your board.


5) Come up with how you want to sort your vision board around the center-picture and glue your images to it accordingly. For example, use the upper right corner for new job intentions, use the lower left corners for wishes centered on family and friendship. You get the idea.


6) Do not clutter the pictures on your vision board. It’s better to have fewer images and more open space than to make it look chaotic and hard to follow. Remember that the purpose behind a vision board is to collectively have your thoughts, wishes, and manifestations in one place. In order to focus on those every day, you should not be distracted or become overwhelmed by an overloaded or busy vision board.

7) Write certain words in between the images, especially if you can’t find the image matching it or want to emphasize your intention even more.

8) Take a moment to compare your hand-written list and your vision board to one another. If you find that they both correspond to each other and you have nothing more to add, you are good go.


9) Now take a few moments, close your eyes and meditate on your new vision board. Visualize all your intentions, dreams, and wishes as you want them to become reality in the next six months. Turn on gentle music, tone the lights down – do whatever it takes to concentrate on this for a few minutes after creating it.

10) Hang your vision board somewhere where it’s visible for you, right above your bed or in your living room. If you don’t want visitors to see it, hang it where only you can see it but where it’s not hidden from your sight. Every night, take a few minutes before you go to sleep and visualize on the things you want to become a reality. Perhaps do it half an hour before bed time – when you are not yet too tired to forget about it but are in a relatively relaxed state of mind. It’s also helpful to mark your vision board with the date you created it before hanging it on your wall. It will be a great success to see how far you’ve come from that date until you decide to make another vision board.


If you want to see another blog post on how to create one, head over to Sarah Prout’s blog and read more here and here.

As I mentioned before, the timing for setting intentions can never be wrong but a new year and a new moon is always a good start. I started my first vision board in October of 2015. I was thrilled to see that 80 percent of what I had wished for came true. So far I’ve created three vision boards in total and a great majority of my manifestations have indeed become reality over the past one and a half years. It would be great if yours do, too.


Good luck creating your very own vision board!

2 thoughts on “Creating A Vision Board: 10 Easy Steps On How To Manifest Your Desires

  1. I’ve been thinking of doing a vision board for a couple of weeks as I have major decision & changes coming. Your lovely post has just reminded me and shown me, thanks you 🙏🏽

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