NaBloPoMo: Writing a Blog Post Every Day of November

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November 1st has come around, which means it’s time for a change. Usually this month marks National Blogging Month. After reading Charlotte’s post on how hard it was to find the old group/ site this year, she posted something today about these two groups: BlogHer and Cheerpeppers. Both call it National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). Read More »

Post 250: Reflecting on How, Why, and Never

(nicked from
(nicked from

It’s been a rocky road up to here but so far I am impressed I am still hanging on. 250 posts – a reason to congratulate myself and all of you, who have continued reading this precious blog of mine. I guess it’s easier said than done – maintaining a presence in the blogosphere on a regular basis. Some of you might have been wondering why it’s become a bit quieter in the past few weeks months (and others might have not). I believe the true challenge is to juggle daily life, stresses, and everything else together with writing. Prioritizing what has to be done and what can wait, until whatever was put on the waiting bench wants to be let out someday.

While I admire those who blog almost every day, it remains a true mystery to me how they are able to do this with a full-time schedule going on. How do you guys manage to post and still have a normal life? Social obligations, hobbies, experiencing life – AND writing on the side?
I currently find myself in a full-time position that does not allow any down time at work (sounds like a reasonable New York job, I’d say). While my old job was more acceptable in terms of whipping up the one or other blog post during office hours, now this has become merely impossible to do (say for at least the past year or so). Therefore, I come home, am basically exhausted, and simply have no drive to sit in front of a laptop and continue with writing. Of course I want to also go to the gym or take some classes (I just successfully completed my first semester of Portuguese studies). Don’t get me started on how distracting New York by itself can be. I’ve already concluded that if I were ever to go back to school, this is just not the right city to be in to pursue a graduate degree. Too much going on, too many parties, too many events one could never possibly attend I just can’t miss out on. And in addition to all of this there remains the challenge of nourishing my second biggest hobby: Photography! So how do you do it, guys? I really want to know!

My priorities seem to also have shifted a bit and now blogging is not quite as important as it used to be. Such is life – you try it out, you immerse in it, and then you let it go. I feel that there are still a few more good posts to come but don’t be too surprised when one day it will all end. Or fall into a trickled drop of nothingness. Then, of course, there is the desire to fulfill what the heart seeks and that burning urge every time I have a pen or a camera in my hand. Perhaps over will never exist.

I’ve had my love-hate relationship with blogging throughout these past 250 posts. Some were really difficult topics, some informative and others easy-going. All in all, I am still writing about New York, and as long as I remain here this will most likely not change. I still find it admirable how people find my blog each and every day. Some google search terms won’t make sense. However, the other day my blog was added to South Slope News, a site that must have just been called into existence. It’s for these little things (being mentioned on other sites and writing for other webpages) that I am thankful I’ve hung on to the ride and not neglected the blogosphere for too long.

Either way, it has been some good posts and it has been some moderate posts but all in all, I am quite thrilled that I am able to meet this fantastic number in 2013. And this deserves an exclamation mark AND the colorful letters. Way to go to number 300!

250th blog post

Photo A Day: Decembeer 28 to the End

It’s a new year and the only remnant I am carrying over from 2012 is the photo challenge created by Liz from Be.Love.Live. Those last 4 pictures from December 28 to 31 are best to express how I must have felt during this past week. Liz has announced that she will not partake in any other challenges come 2013 and has not created another list for January. I myself have no desire to catch up with any other PhotoADay’s again, and therefore, will continue without a picture challenge this month.



What you see here are New Yorkers, some of which have become a true role model after living here for 2 and a half years. “Everyone trynna make it, everyone trynna shake it in a city this big!”

It always fascinates me how resilient New Yorkers are and how nothing can put them down. I wasn’t here during 9/11 but I witnessed how this city was turned upside down during hurricane Sandy. The chaos, the stress, the victims, and the lack of power – we made it through all of it and even more.
I once read a quote that it doesn’t matter if you dropped off the bus or I’ve you been here for years, you are a New Yorker from the moment you first set foot here.

I believe this is very true. You don’t necessarily have to earn your right to be a New Yorker but you do have to earn your weeks and days and hours to become someone people can look up to. I therefore cherish this picture and all the anonymous people in it for the inspiration they bring to me every day and the great memories they have created in the past.



The day it snowed again. Or rather: Finally! I am beginning to fear that those pricy snow boots I bought two months ago will never be utilized when it comes to global warming affecting another New York winter. I am unsure whether or not this should make me sad or happy, for I still have the pictures in mind when we did have one snow day after another during the brutal time of 2010/2011.

However, on this particular day, it was snowing. It didn’t stick but it caused a blurry vision onto the streets of the East Village. The smoke rising from the middle of the road is from one of those multiple man holes that eject steam during pretty much any time of the year. It’s one of those “phenomena” that first make you stop if you are not used to it but then belongs to the city’s landscape like the array of skyscrapers do.



The fond memories of a day spent at Fortt Tilden during late summer. I don’t think I will be returning this summer, as the area was completely devastated by Sandy. But I enjoy looking back at all I have accomplished last year and cannot wait to hit up the beach 5 months from now. The countdown is on!


dec31 - me

Self-portrait taken on New Year’s Eve. Ready to go to Manhattan and sit with friends having a get-together. It was nothing too fancy but nothing too boring either, just one of those evenings you need to say good-bye to a year and start another one. Lots of prosecco and home-made snacks. And a stunning view onto the disco-lit scene of the Empire State Building.

With this I am finally letting go of the old and welcoming 2013! I Hope you had a happy new year!

Photo A Day: December 12 to 20

The challenge is still going on! With 8 more wonderful topics to cover. I admit it, I’ve been cheating a bit. Not all pictures were taken the day they were supposed to go out. And then of course the terrible news on the Sandy Hook Disaster somewhere in between… Boy, the world is definitely not the same as it was before. My heartfelt thoughts go out to everyone affected by the massacre. As the stories reveal more and more details, it is even harder to grasp the high extent of shock this occurrence has evoked.

I therefore embrace this distraction from everyday life and news. It’s still fun to be part of the BeLoveLive photo challenge and so far I’ve come to make ends meet and get that one good picture every day.



Went shopping at Union Square that day. And what is going on? The holiday market, of course! You have a really great view when you walk up to what is now the Burlington Coat Factory Flagship store. On the top floor you have one of the best panoramas of this little speck in Manhattan! So of course I had to snap a picture – needless to say. The sparkling lights of those few little cottages grouped together – festive!



Our ordinary Christmas decoration the roomie hung up the other day. I don’t think it’s too ordinary; she made the best with what she had. Sadly, this year we decided against a tree. I guess it’s not really worth it since half the people living in that apartment are out of town for the actual event. It is great to have some nice ornaments and lights hanging in the living room when you walk through the door.

[Celebration] goes hand in hand with [Joy]


Sneaky! Two days apart from each other but SantaCon fell right in the middle. December 15 was the day, the big “we will get so merry” event. Read more here if you want further details. It certainly was merry, entertaining, and just the right celebration to make me feel joyful shortly before the holidays.



Always love to shop for gifts at Macy’s, my favorite department store at this time of year. It’s close to work and has never failed to disappoint me. Except for when I wanted to buy a wok – that was quite misleading. Other than that, their basement section is well equipped with precious household goods, which always make a great gift for all sorts of people, don’t you think?!



I went to B&H that day and stumbled across these fancy-sounding headphones. Urbanears must be the next hot thing. Perhaps they already are, I wouldn’t know. I still use my iPhone earplugs to listen to music but possibly I will upgrade to a pair of these, as shown in the photo above.



Went to Chinatown. The old and familiar district. Discovered this new store called New Kam Man. Was grossed out by their rusty wok selection but other than that the store has interesting stuff to discover. Such as French waffles with Chinese titles. Or this sample of a special kind of candy I was unable to decipher (my Chinese is about as rusty as their kitchen ware). It was fun to stroll around, look through their snack selection, and of course snag a few items. Such as the one and only wasabi peas, which will surely clear your nose!



Oops, mistake on my end! Instead of reading “carols” I read “cards” (the print is sooo tiny on a cell phone screen!). Luckily I was NOT the only one to make this grand error in context, therefore I didn’t feel too stupid when posting a fancy picture of holiday cards addressed to important people back home. Sometimes I wish for German cards but of course you cannot get these here. So English and Spanish will have to do for the time being. I really hope they make it to their destinations in time but who knows – the postal service is already flooded with last minute mail.



Bought an Advent Calendar at Aldi at the end of last month. Thought it was cute to share with you the simple chocolate ornaments I find each and every day. Granted, I haven’t touched the calendar in 6 days but that was because of some health issues I’ve been fighting. It’s so much more fun to devour them all at once, anyways. So this is what I do to get into the holiday mood, which is somehow not really showing in 2012. Most likely too much going on in my life at this time to concentrate on the real stuff.

Photo A Day: December 7 to 11

I have been sick. Terribly sick. First the flu and then a stomach bug. Vicious little creatures, those things. So I’ve basically been lying around, feeling like a boxer after the last strike. For 2 weeks straight with only small episodes in between where I felt healthy enough to walk and talk. How I hate when a winter starts off that way. And even more when I cannot write and read what is going on in the world around me.

It’s almost been about a week since the last time I posted on here. Time to catch up with the PhotoADayChallenge. And lots of more things! But those will come soon, in the next few days, promise! Oh, all those wonderful blog post ideas I have… *chuckle*



I saw this one the first time in spring. And it is still there! A fancy set of a table and chair on my way to the Flatiron District. In the storeowners’ opinion, I guess every day is the day to have some good wine made of dark grapes. I am happy to see these pieces of color now at this time of year, when it is getting grayer and darker as the days hurry by.



Or rather a lot of strangers on the subway. Two children looking out of the window while crossing the Manhattan Bridge on the Q-train. Their mother sitting right next to them, occupied with her own thoughts of the day. A guy listening to his headphones… Scenes of everyday commuter life making it so special and unique. Just on Monday I rode the train with a mother who had her 2 and a half year old son with her. At first he was crying and throwing toys on the dirty ground. Then he saw other children and wanted to share his firetrucks with them. Some of them smiled back at him, others got freaked out… Guess you gotta love it or hate it!



There are many things I love. A hearty brunch consisting of a huge stack of pancakes, for one. Devouring it in one of the most famous restaurants in Greenpoint, for two. And then of course spending this occasion with my love, the boyfriend. Those rare Saturday mornings that have happened lately. By the way, Five Leaves used to be owned by Heath Ledger (yes, the Australian movie cutie)! More about this location to come soon, though!



This was not taken the same day it was supposed to be posted. However, I heart this picture because it reminds me of a great time I had when I took it: Around the same time last year, in a church, with many festive occasions going on. Candles can convey such a warm feeling that they can only be lit during very special times, don’t you think?

[Daily News]


This is an example of what our daily subway newspaper looks like. Well, I actually do not think it is a subway newspaper; however, MetroNews is almost always handed out close to the subway (same with AM, another New York publication). It is free of charge and most of the time the people handing it out look like homeless people (and most likely are). Sometimes I see very young fellows handing them out who look like volunteers so I wonder if this is a means for them to work off their community service or if they stand in any relation to the newspaper… Who knows!

Now, since I actually don’t read it too often (I am mostly absorbed in one of the quazillion books I bring with me), I don’t know what this particular story was about. However, only one week ago, a random passenger was pushed onto the tracks at 49th Street by a panhandler (who was possible slightly insane) and died after a NY Post reporter captured a picture of how he got run over by an approaching train. The morals of this, oh dear, I do not have to go into this. It’s just scary to think how many people choose not to help you when you are in a dangerous situation like this. And the NY Post photographer made a lot of money with his despicable picture!

Photo A Day: December 4 to 6

Three days passed, three lovely motives to choose from! I enjoy scrolling through Instagram and seeing what other participants have come up with. The rock motive from today, for instance, was taken with a literal, figurative, and symbolic meaning attached to it. But let’s go back two days and start with


dec4 - tree

This wasn’t too hard. I guess Liz picked it because trees are pictured all over December. Christmas trees, fir trees, leafless tress… You name it! I thought about going for an old-school fir tree lit with a quazillion candles like you see all over the place. But then I walked past Uniqlo on 34th Street and the red lights matched the stores scheme: Holiday Sales Season. I’m actually not a big fan of their selection and the store in general. Their prices are a bit steep for the quality of clothes they offer. I was thinking about snagging some warm underwear from then because of their heat protection but am unsure if I really want to spend $50 on this… Help me make a decision! Is this a reasonable price?


dec5 - message

True, this is not a real message as intended only for me. Instead it gets the message across to a bunch of people: Korean Lunch Special! And it surely attracted me. The Worjip is most likely the least fancy place I’ve been to in Koreatown (which can be quite chique, believe it or not). Lots of students come here to grab a cheap lunch, and since I could still pass as one of those… Anyhow, they offer a really good deal with their $6-Buffet and a good selection of kimbap (similar to Sushi but not really) for only $5. Every time I go to Little Korea, I leave the place a little bit happier.


dec6 - rock

I guess this word can have several meanings. I really couldn’t think what rock to take a picture of (was briefly considering Rockefeller Center), so luckily I remembered that “rocking it out” can also be conveyed in this term. Voila, here we go: A street performer band playing in Herald Square. A subway station I see every day when I go to work. So when I got off work today they were performing in this awesome costume. Funny, huh? I love how it’s the small things like these that can make my day and remind me where I am at. In one of the craziest cities of the universe!

Flying Solo: Be.Love.Live’s Photo a Day Challenge

It’s on – AGAIN! The Photo A Day Challenge has once more attracted me but this time for a very different reason: Liz from Be.Love.Live has started her very own list and come up with 31 gorgeous topics to cover during the month of December. Since it is her very first time trying out a challenge she has created, I thought I’d give it a shot and show some support for a fellow (blogger) friend. I also find most of her daily themes very appealing and don’t think I will have too much of a hard time in following it this time around. Well, you know me – until I run out of time am bored have other things to do.

However, this time I feel that the participants are being kept in a more intimate circle and I really enjoy seeing what everyone else comes up with as the days go by. Of course this entire challenge is Instagram based (see more here). However, I won’t be posting a picture every day on Instagram. Which is why I decided to still snap my daily photo and then simply blog about it on this site.

Please find the fantastic list below:

Be.Love.Live Photo a Day Challenge for December
Be.Love.Live Photo a Day Challenge for December

And here I am, ready to cover Day 1 to Day 3:


dec1- red

Red is the color of the Christmas tree bow I discovered when strolling through Park Slope on a decently warm Saturday afternoon. I really want a tree for our apartment this year but with the smallest one being $25 plus a $10-dollar-stand I still have not yet decided if it’s really crucial to have one or not. The bows are fancy, nonetheless, as is the ultimate flower of the season –a poinsettia. I found the flowers at our local Loewe’s store, the very first time I actually entered it.


dec2 - hope

Hope can be expressed in many different ways. Sunday was the day I finally started feeling better from a week-long illness called the flu. And it was also the first time I actually went out and met up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Since a girl from Brazil was leaving back to her home country, we had a get-together and I met a lot of cool new people at a local Williamsburg bar. Unfortunately, the Zebulon is closing down really soon (in a couple of weeks) and I could not believe that I’d never heard a concert here before. Well, until now err yesterday, that was. Eastern-African music mixed with nice swaying tunes – gosh, a free concert which is actually good; in the winter time! So I hope to have more of these evenings during this season because it proves to be very difficult to party here once the cold kicks on (luckily, it has not been too bad yet, fingers crossed).


dec3 - waiting

I snapped this photo while waiting at the W4 Subway Stop (Greenwich Village). A military guy (most likely Army) and a random girl waiting for the uptown A express train to rattle in. It’s a blurry shot but I find it interesting. You really don’t see too many servicemen and –women in New York, which is why it’s fascinating once you run across one. Oh, and of course waiting for the subway is another crucial part of life when living in the Big Apple.

Alas, more to come from the fancy shmancy holiday list! I plan on posting every three days or so – we will see how it works out. I highly encourage you to still participate, even though you missed out on the first few days. It’s always nice to spread the word and idea to see which part of the www is sucked in!

Travel Confessions: I Walk a Lonely Road

A few weeks back, Amanda from AmandaPOverseas tagged me in a post of hers called “ Travel Confessions.” The rules are simple:

1. Post a photo (or photos) and description(s) of your confession(s) in a new post.

2. Tweet your post with hashtag #TravelConfession and follow/tweet @Traveling9to5

3. Tag 3-5 other travelers you’d love to see confess and tag them on Twitter.

While I didn’t tag everyone on twitter, you are certainly tagged through your blog.

My confessions:

1) I like to stay in hostels

This might be part of me leaning towards the cheap stuff, especially when it means having a bed for a night. Maybe somewhere down the line between being a poor student and earning less than 13/h an hour in my first job in New York it had established itself as the only possible way for me explore other cities and still keep my budget in check. Either way, it has turned out to be a fantastic place to meet people my age, people of a younger age, people of an older age, and people from all walks of life. The first hostel I stayed in as an adult was HI in DC (read more here). And it was the best experience I had so far! Pub crawl with a local I am still friends with today. An animated discussion with a girl from Wisconsin who visited me a year later in New York. Some weekends are just notorious for changing your life.

Take the hostel in London as another example. Either burning hot or ice cold water coming out of the pipes – ouch! However, a ten-bedroom-share with guys and girls made up for a great laugh. Especially the 60-year-old Brit who had emigrated to Thailand and who had to come back to his home country every six months to renew his visa. The stories you run across in hostels – unforgettable!

Awesome Hostel peeps in DC!

2) I like to travel alone

Don’t get me wrong here – traveling with friends and (sometimes) family can be a very interesting experience, as well. But mostly I have found myself hitting the road all by myself. Be it lack of friends who wanted to see the same city or be it personal choice – I have so far never regretted packing that duffel bag and getting on the bus/plane/train to reach out to undiscovered lands. It’s pretty neat, if you come to think about. No whiny partner who does not want to see this monument or go out in that club. Just your own opinion that counts. I love picking out stuff only I like to see. If I am bored at one place, I am free to move on to the next.
I believe some people still have this very innate fear of letting go of the circles they know and just traveling by themselves. I had to learn how to travel alone from a very young age on. My most life-changing experience must have been relocating to Florida all by myself at the tender age of 20. After that, all ties broke loose. I found myself shaking for cold beneath the Stephansdom in Vienna, dancing in the streets of Paris, and then of course moving to New York – only me, myself, and I. One of the best decisions ever!

3) I like to discover new lands

You will rarely find me at one and the same spot more than one time. Unless I have found something truly exceptional about one place, I am all for going out there and setting my pins on the world map of life. Yeah, Canada was cool and I definitely want to go back to the Grand Canyon. Some things are just too huge to grasp in one day. But I’d also like to part my wings and finally get to see more of the West Coast of the US. Seattle, Portland, San Francisco – all awaiting my arrival. And then what about South America, Asia and Africa? Not to mention Australia and New Zealand… The globe is endless, it seems. My biggest dream is indeed to pack my bags for 12 months straight and see what else is out there. Probably I am in the wrong city to save up for this, don’t you think?

Me alone in Montreal

4) It’s either all or nothing

When I travel somewhere, I want to get to know the culture. No lame bus tours or being locked down in a group that has “I am a tourist, please rob me” stamped all over it. Another convenience of traveling by yourself is that you are more open to your surroundings. You have to carefully wage if this road is safe to venture on and if that neighborhood is appealing to you. At the same time, you want to see something your friends have not and you want to boast with things they wouldn’t be able to read up in any tour guide. So I really like to talk to the locals when it comes to exploring another city. I don’t like the stigma that is attached to a tourist. Being a young female can be dangerous but it can also make other people more open towards you. I had the most interesting conversations with locals just because I sat by myself. Rest assured, other people are about as curious about your whereabouts as you are about theirs.

5) Sometimes I only travel to get a good picture

Part of being a photographer is to wage the battles and to get some challenging shots. My trip to Montreal was based on 50 percent curiosity and 50 percent of “I need something new in my portfolio”. Hey, it worked! It got me out there. Taking pictures is also a really good excuse to be alone. You can literally take day-long photo excursions without people looking at you oddly because you always have your camera strapped around your neck.

Me with a ton of other people I don’t know at the Grand Canyon

Traveling – the more you do it, the more you realize what the most relevant things in life are. You also see what kind of lives other people have and what kind of attitude they display towards it. Traveling is mostly only one thing to me, and that is inspiring.

Now, Liz from Belovelive, the Sweet Kitten, Shannon from Rediscovering Healthy, Dave from TravelBugster, and last but not least Ron’s View. Your turn!

Photo A Day: June 16 Through 20

I’ve been having a hard time following the challenges for this month. For some reason the picture motives do not coincide with what is going on in my life right now so I am unsure whether I should abandon it or not. However, since there are a mere ten days left, I guess I could go with the flow and try my very best to accommodate my daily photos around the little challenges.

[Out and about]

German bar, German beer, German game. This picture was a day before the notorious 2:1 of Germany playing Denmark but nevertheless equally entertaining. How I will miss the games! And the excuse to do some midday drinking just because of 22 guys chasing a ball. But all things come to an end, and so will the Eurocup. Eventually!

On top of this, Saturday was the day of Celebrate Brooklyn and the Biannual Jazz Age Lawn Party! I went to the first one but bypassed the second one. I know my chance will be coming in August, again, and I am excitedly looking forward to it!

[In your bag]

On a random day I was preparing my salad in the kitchen while my new roommate was watching a sick movie on her Netflix. Curious as to how the story ends, I asked her about it and she lent me her book. I have ever since been reading this piece revolving around a serial killer and his life story told through the eyes of his mother.
Believe me, it is nowhere close to flattering. Do you guys know this book? It was published in the early 2000s and is a fictious novel inspired by teenagers running amok at their schools and universities. This topic was a novelty back then, I remember it vaguely. Of course it is still shocking nowadays but luckily it doesn’t appear that kids are shooting their teachers and students as often anymore. Or maybe the news are not covering it.

[Something we don’t know about you]

I write articles, blog posts and a book. And still, I very much entertain my own thoughts in a personal diary. I talk about these in German since that is the language I am most comfortable with. Have been expressing my feelings and life like this from a very young age on. It is one of those traditions you just never really give up, even though you have some drought periods in between.


… was the evening on that particular day. One of those nights were you are just surrounded by the wrong people and feel it is becoming a waste of your precious time. I had been rooftop hopping with two of my German friends when their American snobby stuck-up greenhorn joined them and from there on it pretty much went downhill. First he wanted to talk us into watching a boring basketball game inside (!) for another 8 minutes. 8 minutes in basketball equals more than half an hour in real life, thanks to commercial and more. Then he couldn’t stop making fun of Germans who didn’t know much about the American culture even though he knew equally less about our culture. Such a flop and the evening ended on an angry note from my side. The rooftops were gorgeous, though, although we only made it out to two different ones.

[Fave photo you’ve ever taken]

I’ve taken too many to really narrow it down to one so I am just picking a random one I still happen to like. Beach life on Far Rockaway – photographed a few weekends back. I almost did not pay attention to this scene when a girl in front of me was taking a shot of the exact same thing. Curious as to other people’s perspectives I gave it a try and now it is my favorite wall paper on my phone. Hopefully I will be spending more time at the beach this summer. I fear I have been waiting for too long to get my tan darkened!

Photo A Day: June 11 Through 15

A belated post on the mid-June days of this challenge! So many things have been going on, I am having a hard time trying to catch up with blogging and writing. This weekend has already been crazy busy and it is only Sunday morning – one more day to go, right?

Anyhow, I’ve really enjoyed seeing your pictures of the Photo A Day June and must say that I like the summerness attached to all of them (well, almost all of them).

Let’s start out with:


As you all know, I moved – again! I’ve had so much time exploring my neighborhood in the past two weeks and have come to find that I really did move into a great match. The trade-off between the size of the room and the lively area does not bother me anymore as it did in the beginning days. And this door belongs to a German beerhall which is almost right across the street. While I had been wishing it would open up in time for the Eurocup (and they probably had planned on just the same, judging by the size of the screen they built up inside) it hasn’t happened yet. Most likely they are missing still a few of their liqueur licenses or such. However, this door reminds me of the good times yet to come. C’me on, who could top a Bierhalle diagonal from you? I see one great night following another!

[From a low angle]

The week started out rainy – as so many times lately in the past few weeks. Perhaps following this half-a**ed winter is a disappointing summer as well? However, this day was special. It was once again “Movie Time in New York.” More to come tomorrow, the post is already lined up. Right outside of the Empire State Building a fabulous sequence was shot and I didn’t even notice who was starring until Wednesday. This picture is an ode to New York and the place I work in at the current moment.


A few weeks back I was part of a great street art project with Raquel Brust and some other friends. This photo was taken in May, so it’s not depicting the current day. I still wanted to post it in memories of the great time we had back then and the art we created. I plan on re-visiting the place very soon to see what has become of the hand drawn on the construction site. Might be interesting to see who tore it off or if it has stayed intact throughout the past month Read more about it here if you want to refresh your memory.


This photo depicts pretty much everything I had to say about time on that particular day. Today is now and tomorrow is then. I cannot believe that June has met its middle already. Just like in last month, the days have been racing each other to form an end. Time is so valuable we often forget it. This was taken in a movie theater I happened to come across when strolling the streets of Midtown.


Yellow is the color of my skirt. Yellow is my mood – very mellow. The world needs more yellow, especially in this city. The sun is yellow, the flowers are yellow, and the next trend color is yellow. The only thing that does not look good is when you put on yellow nail polish, I have come to find. I guess I really do not know what to write. It was a hot day and my sense of fashion style was appropriate. It was also Friday, which was good, as it was the start of another lovely weekend which ended up being way to short. Go figure. Can’t wait to read your yellow posts!

Now I am off to see how Germany will win against Denmark. If not, they’re still in the next round, which is equally wonderful! Ay ay ay!

Photo A Day: June 6 Through 10

Whew, the next five days are up and it is only now that I realize how much life has changed!

First of, I had my first summer flu. Or cold. Or whatever gave me a fever, cough, and sneezes. So two days gone, spent in bed and trying to fight the germs.

Second of, an awesome, awesome event has started worldwide. Even though it is only carried out in Europe, other continents are passively involved in it: The European Soccer Cup! And I am happy to say that New York is one of those few American cities that seems to be actively participating in the soccer fever. I haven’t had too many troubles finding bars that live stream the games. So on the days I was feeling better, I was basically glued in front of the TV of a sports bar. Cheering is so much more fun when you do it in a group, don’t you think?


Bought this goody in New York’s Financial District way back in 2010. It’s actually a man’s hat but fits my head just fine. I wore it occasionally in the spring and fall, but quickly noticed that wind does not go so well with it. I also carried it with me at the Governor’s Island Jazz Fest last year. A day that was absolutely not windy and made a perfect match for my 20ies themed dress. I haven’t used it ever since but maybe I will start doing so again. Hats have been a great accessory ever since I can imagine. I just recently purchased a sun hat to protect my head from the summer rays!


Well, as this was the day the sickness started I really cannot post any pictures of crazy margaritas or other alcohol. However, I did manage to gulp a few of Vick’s cough medicine down. It’s a great remedy and fever reducer, in case you were wondering. Water has also been a crucial part of my healing, please notice the bottle in the background!

[Six o clock]

It didn’t matter whether it was 6 o’clock in the morning or evening, the view was quite the same for me all day long! Beeeed! Sleep, rest, sweat, sleep, curse, rest… Still not a good day health wise!

[Your view today]

Number one: The first day I felt better! And I was glad as it was also the day I went back to school. Took a college class, the first one in 2 1/2 years after graduating. Have you guessed what it is yet? An introductory photography course on a few techniques of how to work with your camera and better your pictures! I missed out on last week’s lesson because of Montauk but the instructor kindly filled me in on the details. It will last until the end of June and I am so excited to see what else I can learn and take with me!

Number two: Celebrate Brooklyn! That’s right, Brooklyn’s finest musical festival has finally started. And the best part about it? It’s for FREE! Na da! Zero! Just walk in! Last night AfroCubism was performing and I got to see a show filled with highlights and great music!

[Best bit of your weekend]

The best part of my weekend was the weekend itself! Finally feeling better and being able to leave the apartment. Brunch with my friend today. Watching two soccer games with my friend over the course of two days! I probably hadn’t seen her in a good month, so it was good to catch up with her on life and happenings. It was also good to just sit in a bar and cheer for a sport you’re used to in Germany but rarely see elsewhere. Back to the roots is what they say, eh?!

Photo A Day: June 1 Through 5

Why do this? A fellow blogger had the courtesy to describe the Photo A Day May as my diary and told me how eager she was to read on what was happening to me on a daily basis in New York. It is mainly for this reason that I decided to carry on the Photo A Day Challenge in June. Even though I have the feeling that I am writing less on the topics I used to, it keeps me occupied and gives me the chance to reflect on certain aspects of the day. I also like the idea of participating in random things throughout the month. So overall, I am taking on the challenge for another 30 25 days – starting now!

Fat Mum Slim has composed another splendid list. Among certain times of the day, foods of the day, and views of the day, a ton of personal and recreational stuff has been included. Even more reason to be part of the photo project, especially since the summer is now in full swing.


June 1st was my birthday. The first thing I saw when I woke up was my hotel bed. The day turned out to be great: With the biggest pancake breakfast at a typical Montauk breakfast house, a tour to the lighthouse, and a quick dash for the beach. Then of course the obligatory birthday dinner, ending at an old-school outdoor fire place. So this depicts the beginning of a truly amazing day.


Empty was our car when we dropped it back off in Manhattana on Saturday. Filled with memories and a good time. More about this adventure to come soon, promised!

[On your plate]

The day I finally moved. I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN! Bags, suitcases, bed, mattress – just a ton of unnecessary stuff. After the move I tried out a great Mexican restaurant just around the corner. My area is called the North Slope. 5th Avenue is notorious for having a great selection of restaurants, bars, and other recreational spots. Los Pollitos offered a reasonable price for the quality of food they had on their menu. And the best part about it: They host brunch for a mere 10 bucks – including up to three drinks! I am well aware where my next brunch location will be!


Close-up of the American Flag. Alas, I do live here now, in the US of A. A bit of patriotism is in order. Walked past this huge piece of cloth swaying from one side to another when dropping off the keys at my old place in the South Slope. It had gotten windy during this particularly rainy and gloomy day. I found it to look quite beautiful then. New York is not the average American place to be. Aside from American flags, you see any other nationality represented on any random street here in the Big Apple. Which is what this city stands for: The diversity it represents and the cultures it attracts.


Stop! A one way street! Not to forget the notorious landmark of New York in the background… Life is sometimes a one-way-street. There is no backwards but only forwards. That is why sometimes we have to stop to reflect and see what other options are out there. Or just throw ourselves towards the end of the road. Maybe there will be a crossing waiting for us. And a solution to the problems occupying our minds.

So this challenge will proceed throughout the month of June. I hope it helps to keep fellow bloggers and friends overseas updated on everyday happenings. I am also still eager to see what ideas the rest of the blogging/ instagram/ facebook community will come up with in the remaining 25 days!

Happy Blogging!

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