Experiencing Bareburger in Park Slope for the First Time: A Food Coma Post


Last month I was invited to my first Yelp Elite Event. Ever since becoming a Yelp Elite Member in October, I was seeking to finally attend some of their great events. One was ice-skating in Prospect Park, which I missed out on. Another was the opening night of a restaurant nearby, which I was also unable to attend. Read More »

One Month Without Alcohol: Why I Gave Up Drinking

Less than half a beer left in front of the Manhattan skyline...
Less than half a beer left in front of the Manhattan skyline…

Today marks the day that I quit drinking one month ago. It’s been exactly 4 weeks since I downed my last cocktail and my last glass of wine and vowed to stop the binging for the next thirty days. And it’s been quite a month, I dare say! Why did I do it – why did I stop drinking? There are several reasons as to why I had enough of alcohol. Here we go: Read More »

Saturdays in Brooklyn: Wandering around Williamsburg


Went to a coffee shop today. It was so amazing that we did half a photo shoot over there…

After a week-long sickness (A cold? Or a flu?) I felt like leaving the house again just for fun again (and not for work). I first got a new haircut in Greenpoint and then wandered through McCarren Park to Williamsburg, where I met up with a friend for brunch. Brunch was Southwestern Style biscuits. Read More »

Fire Island: A Weekend Trip to Ocean Beach (Part 2)


After our shopping and exploration tour we were finally ready for the beach. And boy was it hot that day! I forgot about those dog days which usually happen end of July through beginning of August. During mid-August they were certainly still around and it was a welcome change to hop into the water and cool off. The beach itself had a small wooden path leading to the sand. Read More »

Celebrating the End of 2014 and the Beginning of 2015: Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! By now, even the Western-most time zones should have made it through the last day of December and welcomed the first few hours of January.

I hope you had a great time celebrating, counting down the hours, jumping up high at 12am and enjoying a new annual beginning overall.


Every New Year’s Eve seems to be different here. This time I went ahead and Read More »