Power Monday: Here Are Some Quotes for Y’all (Week 4)

instagram michael bearden

A couple of weeks ago I re-introduced the mantras and mottos of Michael Bearden. I liked his words so much, that I went back to his Instagram page and zapped off everything that I found worthy of re-quoting. I’ve decided to continue on quoting away on the so-called Power Mondays until I run out of his images. After that, there are a ton of other inspiring people on my list to quote, so stay tuned!

Chicago native Michael Bearden describes himself as a “true maestro.” The music director has worked with amazing music giants such as Michael Jackson (to whom he was the last music director), Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo… just to name a few.

Here are some of the positive thoughts and motivating words you can find on his Instagram. Our fourth week will focus on us, our dreams and living in the here and now.







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