Brooklyn Botanical Garden During Fall: Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder


Day 2 after the horrendous Trump Election and America truly feels like it’s about to fall apart. Instead of bringing people together, the past two days have unveiled an ugly side. The monsters have been unleashed and given permission to insult, assault, and hurt their fellow human beings, Read More »

Redeeming the NYC ID Memberships: The Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Chile Pepper Festival


Remember back in May when I was talking about the free NYC ID and all the cultural perks that come with it? Well, starting September I actually realized that I only have a couple of months left to redeem all of my free memberships until the end of the year so I made sure to get on it. The first stop my friend (a fellow NYC ID carrier) and I made, was the wonderful Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The BK Botanical has always been of my favorite weekend hangout spot. Read More »

How I Came to Have a Crush on Autumn: All the Colors Along this Long, Long Way


This fall has been an incredible time. It’s been perhaps one of the most intense past three months I could have ever imagined. Since becoming half-sedentary, starting a new job, and experiencing lots of other things along the way, I’ve been through a turmoil of emotions and reality checks. While most of the year has been about a new awakening, dreaming many dreams, and accomplishing a lot of travel, this time of year was meant to draw me towards the beauty and calm of things here in New York. I want to share so much with you but I see that it cannot be done all at once. There are so many posts waiting, so many thoughts Read More »

Central Park: A Love Note to Its Changing Seasons

Central Park in September 2014
Central Park in September 2014

Today I spent my time in Central Park. It’s been the first real week of spring-like weather. While planning my day off, nature, trees, and calmness seemed like the right way to go about. Central Park has started to carry a special meaning to me ever since taking the Philosophy Course (which I will talk about) last year. From late September through early December 2014 I was Upper-East-Side bound. Read More »