The First Day That Felt Like Fall: Autumn Vibes in New York

Autumn vibes – how far we’ve come again!


Fall has been on the horizon here in New York City. When I first got back from a trip on the West Coast in September, the City still felt like late summer – the days were warm minus the humidity but certainly there was still a climate during which you were able to wear t-shirt and slacks. When walking through Prospect Park one late September evening, I was still innocently wondering when the trees would turn color and how green everything looked despite fall being right around the corner.



Bryant Park even rolled out some new blooms, although some leaves had already turned colors. As if it was trying to hold on to some spring and summer feelings all along.



Now, almost two weeks later, autumn has slowly crept up. It always fascinates me how the seasons change so quickly here. Literally from one day to another a colder wind was blowing and we all knew that meant the summer days were gone for good this year. Even though there were still a few warm days in the 70ies soon after, it felt different than it had even a week ago.

Yesterday was Columbus Day, which meant I was off from work and had time to stroll through my neighborhood while catching up with errands. To me this was truly the day when it felt like fall. Leaves started appearing on the sidewalks on my walk through Cobble Hill. And all of a sudden I knew that only a few weeks down the road all these trees, which are still wearing their green costume today, will have a much more interesting color then – until they lose their leaves altogether and turn bare for the long winter months.



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