Fall Mania: Spending a Magical Day at the Bronx Botanical Gardens


Last fall on exactly this day (November 7, 2015) I spent quite a magical time at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. It was the late bloom of the fall foliage and wow, did the gardens look gorgeous!

On our quest of redeeming the NYC Id memberships, my friend and I made the trek up to the Bronx on a beautiful, warm fall day in November of last year. Indeed, it was so warm outside that all I needed was a light jacket and even that was more than enough for most of the day.



We started off with a trolley ride, which took us through the entire gardens in less than one hour (if I remember correctly, it was a mere 30 minutes, not including getting off at parts). The trolley is an awesome service the NY Botanical Gardens provide. They are much larger than the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and therefore riding the tram was an excellent way to gain an overview of the area and different sections.



Once we got off the trolley, we started walking through the Thain Family Forest. Not only did we pass by some guided groups explaining wildlife and leaf culture to their eager participants. We also passed a free kayaking spot. Unfortunately all kayaks were taken for the rest of the day, but it must be so much fun to do (and also during even warmer weather). We strolled along the river until we came across the Goldman Stone Mill, which is a historic building from the 1840ies.





And then we saw this delicate wedding decoration together with a full wedding setup as we were passing by. I have to say that white roses in contrast with fall foliage make out an amazingly beautiful sight.



Somehow we ended up in these beautiful golden fields on our way to the Native Plant Garden. Right at the Crabapple Collection and Azalea Garden. Perhaps it was the Daffodil Hill only without daffodils. Either way, it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. It was also here that we saw humongous leaves the size of my face (if not larger).





We then quickly stopped at the Mertz Library, which is the largest horticultural and botanical library in North America. Amazing that it’s all about plants, gardens and green wonders of our world.


The Haupt Conservatory was also worth a stop (and so was getting to it). It hosts several greenhouses and it was quite amazing to just walk from one to another. Of course the lily pond looked magnificent, too.






We ended the trip by paying the gift store a visit. I found two plants, which I brought home as a souvenir of a day well spent in the Bronx.

Cute gift store accessory
Cute gift store accessory





This post is rewritten (not reposted). Find the first (original) from January 2016 here.

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