Winter Solstice: Why I Won’t Get in the Frosty Spirit

McCarren Park just a few weeks ago
McCarren Park just a few weeks ago

It’s the first day of winter and it has seldom felt so little like winter than at the moment. In two days from now we are supposed to have a Christmas Eve with temperatures in the low 70ies. Just imagine – wearing T-shirt and shorts instead of rolling around in snow on one of the last holidays of the year.

Winter or Fall?
Winter or Fall?

I therefore did not feel much in the mood to share some winter memories with you. Instead, I will still dwell on fall and the amazingness that happened around two months ago. Autumn came quite late here in New York (perhaps an omen to our non-existent or late winter this year, as well). Leaves started changing colors in late October throughout the beginning of December. And still, only a few weeks ago, it felt more like spring in the outdoors than anything else. In the past 9 weeks, I had the chance to be a part of an amazing hike in upstate New York, take some self-portraits in Central Park, and overall just enjoy the colors throughout the season. The more I am here, the more I get to appreciate the richness fall has to offer and to appreciate it for the simplicity but also the abundance in natural richness it has in store. It’s weird how fall resembles spring: It too symbolizes a new beginning and the death of a major extreme (from summer to winter). It’s as if nature is giving away all of its hidden treasures for the grand finale until it can’t do it anymore. It’s one of the last real occasions to still be outside and enjoy the sun’s warmth, to take in the golden leaves and to smell the scent of burning wood.


Autumn has really stolen my heart this year. I remember an amazing afternoon spent at the Bronx Botanical Garden and shortly thereafter the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. It felt as if I was just meant to be outside for as long as I could endure it. I know spring won’t be too far from now but first it’s off to winter rest (or experiencing some cultural highlights, just like last season).

Here are a few highlights of what I think to be one of the most fulfilling seasons of the year.












2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice: Why I Won’t Get in the Frosty Spirit

  1. you absolutely have been taken my the autumn spirit this year. And I love that! Merry (warm) Christmas to you! Here, it’s gonna be almost 50! What the what?! 😉

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