Presidential Elections 2016: Never Seen a Sadder Event


It’s been a tough day, starting with the lowest of vibes I’ve experienced in New York in a long time. Saddened faces, disappointed people – seeking out eye contact for each other, reassuring what everyone is thinking: How the f did this happen? How did it even get this far? We did not vote for him! We voted for a better future than this!

Indeed, I cannot recall a single person smiling or laughing openly today. Everyone was walking around with mourning faces, seeking out each other’s re-assurance that New York, and perhaps America, is still an ok place to be in.

Donald Trump “winning” the presidential election has been perhaps one of the most shocking and also eye-opening news this year.

I was hopeful when I cast my ballot yesterday, wishing that for once America would have showed progressive and straight-forward thinking. Building up a nation with a future, where love overwhelmed hate and where everyone could be seen as equal. Not supporting notions of anger and violence but instead working together on fixing present-day issues.


The razor-blade thin wins in most states that eventually turned red show how divided this nation was during this monumental election. The scale could have easily shifted the other way, the weight could have been divided differently. Instead, the very candidate, which people were mocking in the beginning and the worst candidate I have experienced so far in my short life, has won.

I’m deeply disturbed by the fact that although Clinton has won the popular vote, the Electoral College (which even people during the Nixon era have fought to abolish in the 1960ies) has been in power to choose the opponent. An excerpt of my friend’s opinion on this sums it up very well:


I’m deeply disturbed how fellow humans can vote for such a controversial candidate with all that has been going on in the past few weeks (racism, sexism, blatant disrespect towards fellow humans – what else does it take to eliminate him?).

The fact that this dictator-like person will be in charge after 8 years of Obama, who fought for most of the rights that now seem in danger, is even more shocking.


I’ve never seen so much controversy, so much hate, and so much disappointment openly displayed than during this election and presidential race. I guess that says a lot about America’s sentiments towards our “new” president and it also highlights the mental state we are in.

However, negative outlooks and feelings aside, this demographic gives me hope: the way millennials voted. Highlighting that our generation is perhaps not as lost as it appears and that it sees hope in an equal America again. Coming of age right now in such monumental times makes me think: It should be our turn to take charge – we can change the world into a better place. Now.


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