What Happened? Fall Came Around!

Pumpkin Season
Pumpkin Season

It’s been some chaotic past two months filled with lots of activities. As always, this city is crazy hectic and there are so many things going on – it’s quite hard to catch up with everything and everyone all at once.

After starting the new job end of August, I finally went to an outdoor yoga session in Bryant Park. ‘twas indeed one of the last outdoor sessions at the end of September and I was happy to have been a part of it. Right after, I also got to experience two different types of Oktoberfest: One at a German place in Brooklyn, re-connecting with my old work-crew. Another at the epitome of Bavarianess in Manhattan, which knocked me out for the entire day after our 7-hour-party.


I also redeemed a few of my memberships together with my friend Molly. Both of us had taken advantage of the perks the NYC ID offers and managed to check out the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo on two different weekends.



Something very magical happened in between September and now and that is: Fall! Last weekend I took my camera and tripod and did some serious self-portrait session up in the Harlem section of the park. The leaves in the city are just now starting to change color and I managed to run into fellow photographers who were all huddled around a random waterfall, trying to catch its beauty before the colors disappear.

Self-portrait magic in Central Park
Self-portrait magic in Central Park

I also had the chance to do a great hike yesterday, which included some serious rock scramble over three summits in Breakneck Ridge. As the name implies, you can literally break your neck if you stray off path. Somewhere in between catching breaths and not feeling cold, I looked around and couldn’t fathom the view around me. How lucky we are up north to be a part of this golden, magical fall!


Lots of exciting things, as you can see! I can’t wait to catch up with you guys in the next few posts!

2 thoughts on “What Happened? Fall Came Around!

  1. Doesn’t fall just make you feel all alive and rejuvenated again – with all of the colors?! Ironic, since it is actually a time when things are dying and returning to the earth. Perhaps it’s like our last little hooray before we retreat and hibernate for the winter. In any case, I am so excited to see that you have had so much nature time lately! How gorgeous your photos here and on IG have been!

    And, I can’t wait to read and catch up on everything that you’ve been up to! xoxo

    • Yes, quite so! It’s the season’s last outcry until it goes under and hibernates. I’m guessing by now you guys have already been covered in flaky snow at least once?
      I hope I will get back to writing soon, I’ve been missing it quite a bit in the past four months!

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