Published Works

Below find a collection of writings I’ve been working on since I brought this blog up:

* (Apr30,2012) My first bilingual interview happened to be with the fabulous Erin from Blog Expats.

For the full version, please go to or see my blog post here.

* (June25,2012) Lesley found my Heidelberg article fascinating so I went ahead and submitted it to Bucketlist Publications. Please find the full post here.

* (June 2012) A summer round-up with what to do when suffering under yet another heat wave. Realcity is an online publication trying to bring its readers closer to the cities they are in. Please find my humble input under the New York section here.

* (July16, 2012) Internations is another expat site and they interviewed me on life in New York. See the full extent on their site here or go to my blog post for a shout-out.

* (September 2012) Photography: My friend Lauren visited me in New York back in March and this fall one of the pictures I took of her was published in her university paper. Inside SOIS Fall features an interview with her, picture courtesy of me (PS: It’s all the way on the left!)

* (October 25, 2012)
Julienne from FillMeUpNYC asked me to contribute with my very own moment in the online publication all about New York moments and impressions. This is the end result of the writing on my 2-year-anniversary in the Big Apple.

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