Japanese Society in New York: At Twilight Exhibition and More

Simon Starling: At Twilight
Simon Starling: At Twilight

This past weekend has been quite cultural in many aspects: From exhibitions over a Broadway Show to exploring a whole new culture – I feel January has been quite pleasing in every aspect imaginable so far.

On Friday a friend and I went to the Japanese Society in Midtown East after work. The cultural institute was hosting its last free Fridays with music and art out of a series of three. It offered free sake from 6-9pm (although they ran out of after an hour) and cheap drinks (beer and wine priced for $3 each, really can’t beat it).


In addition, a mutual friend was performing with his band. He is half-Japanese and grew up in the NYC metro-area, but makes a point to spend a significant amount of time each year in Japan. The band played some chill Japanese tunes in addition to funky Brazilian music (as there was a Brazilian band mate) and altogether it made out for a great atmosphere.


The upstairs featured an exhibit, which was free of charge for the night. It was Simon Starling: At Twilight, which features dance videos in addition to great costumes, behind the scenes looks and other fantastic, Japanese-themed art.



Altogether this was a really fun event and I look forward to returning to the Japanese Society for a free introductory language lesson this week.

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