Power Monday: Here Are Some Quotes For Y’All (Part 1)

Lately, I’ve been wasting spending some of my precious time on Instagram. Especially after deleting my Facebook account once again. Instagram is actually a cool business, as you can check out whoever without really leaving a trace (unlike Facebook, where you are suggested as “a person of interest” once you scroll through someone else’s profile). Instagram also links a huge community to each other and connects people you would have never thought to come across. In this way it’s similar to blogging, except for that Facebook now owns it and it might therefore be on the verge of corruption ( or at least that is what some people assume).

Michael Bearden on Instagram
Michael Bearden on Instagram

Well, one of the many things Instagram has to offer is this guy: Michael Bearden. He describes himself as a “celebrity music director” and obviously has tons of positive thoughts to give away. I’ve come across his page the other day and some of his quotes have really stuck in my head. That’s a good sign, as I see them as a really great approach to changing my day. So I want to take this dreary, bleary, rainy Monday (another one of those) and turn it into the most powerful quote day of the week (at least for this week and next, that is).

Are you ready for this? Here we go:

dont worry about those who talk behind your back

drama does not just walk into

everyone you meet is fighting a battle

everybody is your friend when you say yes

the difference between ordinary and extraordinary

This one is my absolute favorite. My co-worker got really upset when I broke Hustle down for her according to this picture. She said to never use it when talking to real New York hustlers, but to just pretend to appreciate them for the tough way they want to be are. Well, a sense of humor is always good, right? Yes!

hustle defintion

If some of these quotes have made a difference in your day or got you thinking – great. If they’ve been entertaining – even better. Mondays are usually tough, especially after a rocking weekend. So to me it was important to simply look at something that kept me motivated throughout the end of the day.

Here is to an insightful Tuesday, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Power Monday: Here Are Some Quotes For Y’All (Part 1)

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    It’s been exactly two years since I posted these Monday Mantras. For some reason they are still (!) getting the most traffic on my page, out of all the other 400something posts I have. I thought it would be a great idea to repost them since a) it’s Monday and b) they still ring very true to me. So here you go:

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