Power Monday: Here Are Some Quotes for Y’all (Part 3)

Michael Bearden's Instagram
Michael Bearden’s Instagram

A couple of weeks ago I re-introduced the mantras and mottos of Michael Bearden. I liked his words so much, that I went back to his Instagram page and zapped off everything that I found worthy of re-quoting. I’ve decided to continue on quoting away on the so-called Power Mondays until I run out of his images. After that, there are a ton of other inspiring people on my list to quote, so stay tuned!

Chicago native Michael Bearden describes himself as a “true maestro.” The music director has worked with amazing music giants such as Michael Jackson (to whom he was the last music director), Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo… just to name a few.

Here are some of the positive thoughts and motivating words you can find on his Instagram. Our first week will focus on us and self-improvement of us.







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