Scroll and Stop: A Quick, Random Photo Challenge


A couple of weeks ago I came across Liz’ blog post on It was about this fun camera roll challenge called Scroll and Stop. Seems like a fun game to play when trying to go down memory lane and it’s pretty entertaining, too. Plus it even works with an Android, so try it out!

Here is how it works:

// first, open up your camera roll on your phone.

// now, scroll one time + then put down your finger to stop the scrolling. no peeking as it scrolls + no cheating!

// whatever photo you stop on (no cheating!) is now part of your little scroll + stop gathering. mark the photo or save it somehow.

// scroll again from your current position, back further in your camera roll, and randomly stop your finger on the next photo.

// repeat this 7 or 9 or 10 or 12 times, randomly choosing photos from your camera roll.

// after you’ve gathered them all, share a little background info/story about each photo. and post it on your blog or Facebook or even as a collage on Instagram.

here are my 10 random photos. what will yours be?! happy scrolling!

Oaxaca's Hierve el Agua
Oaxaca’s Hierve el Agua

Last August I took a two-week-trip to Mexico to catch up with friends and visit a few new places. Oaxaca was one of these and even more-so this stunning scenery. Hierve el Agua are mineralized waterfalls and they really look about as impressive as this! I have to tell y’all all about this trip. Really hoping to catch up to it by this summer, so stay tuned!

Dumbo during sunset
Dumbo during sunset

In September of 2015 I was still volunteering as a Kayak Safety Boater. After one of my weekend shifts I actually got to walk past this new art installation. One mirror after another was propped up to make out a huge maze. It was fun for kids and adults and it also happened to look stunning during sunset.

Baby shower
Baby shower

Last fall I was part of this amazing baby shower, hosted by an Italian friend. We had brunch and drew all over some baby shirts, so I made her something really ugly pretty in German. I didn’t win the ugly contest but I think I was very close…

Philly's Magic Garden
Philly’s Magic Garden

Last Christmas I visited the cousin and his wife in Philly. They had never been to the Magic Garden (which was one of the first things I saw in 2014), so I dragged them over there to check it out. I also took a bunch of artsy selfies and what-nots. This is one of them!

England's Tube
England’s Tube

When doing the Eurotrip in February, London was also on my list. I snapped this picture of the London tube while waiting on my train to Notting Hill. The tube is so much smaller and perhaps less efficient than the NY subway but I still think it’s quite cute and worthy of riding.

Easter in Brooklyn
Easter in Brooklyn

A few months ago Easter came around and with it the full spring explosion. So after brunch I walked around Fort Greene Park (which I rarely go to these days) to check out the new blooms and colorful flowers. It was still a bit cold (as it was up until recently) but nonetheless a fun day!

Film crew
Film crew

In March I got to be a part of this fun film crew and director’s company. My friend has her own film organization and she needed a few helping hands when filming two shorts within one day. I was the light-stand/observer when it came to all kissing scenes.

Flammkuchen and friends
Flammkuchen and friends

In April I went back to my old stomping grounds with two former co-workers. We all used to work at a German restaurant close-by and I had not been back since Octoberfest. I was craving a proper Flammkuchen for more than half a year and alas, I finally got it! The evening turned out to be a lot of fun and it was great to catch up with old friend and reminisce of the old times.

Vision Board time
Vision Board time

My second vision board so far. I have yet to post about the importance of a vision board. Hopefully I will get to that one soon, too. Your thoughts determine your life and the previous vision board clarified this pretty much. I hope this one comes true for most of the part, too.

Spring time!
Spring time!

This was taken last month (almost a month ago, actually). I had strolled the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in the wee hours and taken a few great shots here and there. Cherry blossom season was in full bloom and I just love the smell, looks, and everything else pertaining to these short-lived beauties!

Naturally, I couldn’t stop after 10 images only so I ended up scrolling until the very end, opening up old wounds and re-awakening fab memories by doing so. For example, this is me at 24… Wasn’t I cute and all sun-bathed? It was during the Christmas season and I was on my way to my ex-boyfriend’s apartment. How times have changed in 4 1/2 years….


Your turn now!

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