On a Jet Plane to Europe…


The time has come to bid another good-bye to New York. In the next 2 1/2 weeks I will be busy exploring foreign lands and old grounds. A trip back home, a 3-day-hiatus to Italy and a 2-day-layover in Iceland – there is so much to explore.

Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, IcelandI’ve seldom been this excited. Even if I only get to see half the places I am planning on, I am still very much thrilled. It’s been almost two years since I boarded a flight back home. Two years is a long time. I’m hoping to see the changes that naturally occur within that time. I am also hoping for lots of rest. Because that’s what’s you need on a good vacation! Catching up with old and new people, enjoying proper European food and wine, taking in some breath-taking culture- if only if only…

Until then, I will be on a jet plane.

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