4 Year Blog Anniversary: Thank You!

Today I opened up my WordPress browser and this message popped up:

4 Years at German American Abroad
4 Years at German American Abroad

My first thought was: Wow, 4 years fly by! This blog has come a long way from my first post in May 2011 to today. Even though I initially started to jot down my experiences in the city of New York, it has gone way beyond that. I am happy to have shared many other thoughts, travels and musings with each and everyone of you during the past 4 years! Little did I know back then that I’d have 327 subscribers by this time. I also did not expect to ever meet fellow bloggers and now I’ve already met 3 of you guys throughout the past few years!

Thanks to every single one of you!

You have inspired me to dip into other paths, to twist my mind, and to look at things from a different perspective. Thank you for still following along even though I haven’t been regularly updating this space in the past 2 years or so. It’s great to still receive your comments, feedback and thoughts on what I’ve come up with.

It’s been much of a love-hate relationship I’ve had over the past few years. Some days I really love to pour my words into writing, others I am way too occupied to even think about forming a sentence online. However, I’ve always returned to share just the simplest day on occasion. I’m also hoping that various challenges will keep me in the loop and so far that is working quite rad.

Here is to many more hours in the blogging sphere!

4 year blog anniversary

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