Starting Out Fresh: Trying the 30-Day-Blogging-Challenge Again

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten back from a lovely trip to Europe and the motherland. And yes, it’s been about as eye-opening as expensive as time-consuming as great as it sounds. More on it to come in detail!

Last month I had tried to complete the 30-day-blogging challenge but barely made it to its third week. If I am not mistaken, I stopped at a disappointing Day 20 (with a third of the writing project left to go). So while I could pick it up from there and move on, I guess in my head I’ve decided to give it another go at the full 30-day-length. I am therefore commencing the challenge in its second round (or first completed round, call it what you want.)

I also figured that with all the travel posts I have yet to catch up on and all the spring flings currently going on in this city, I would have enough opportunity to write 30 consecutive posts in the next month. That is exactly the amount of time till my next trip and also my birthday. Hurray to deadlines, right?

So, here we go again: The 30-day-blogging challenge starts now! I will be sure to be posting to the Facebook group and if you want to be part of this challenge, I would recommend you do the same thing. Look up 30 Day Blogging Challenge and the group with the largest member number wins. The support has been outstanding and blog posts written by other participants have been superbly interesting and inspiring.

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5 thoughts on “Starting Out Fresh: Trying the 30-Day-Blogging-Challenge Again

    • Awww, thanks Sarah! As it seemed, time was pretty rushed when back home… Next time, though, next time! I am certainly keen on exploring more of UK, Scotland, and Ireland. Not necessarily in that order.

    • Thanks, Ginger! Yes, was gone but now I am back. Also, I most certainly would have completed the 21-day-blogging challenge, but I didn’t sign up for that so I have to take what I got.

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