My 5-Year-Blog Anniversary: Half a Decade of Writing!

I was in for a surprise when I logged into my WordPress account yesterday. The following notification popped up and reminded me of a very crucial date:

5 year bloggiversary
5 year bloggiversary

I knew it was around this time of year that I decided to post my entire life story online for the very first time. But I had also almost forgotten about the first post I ever wrote and the first few pages I created.

How time has flown by, hasn’t it? Looking back on my intentions from the past, I don’t think I would have ever thought to still be here, least to say to I’d be blogging on a (half-) regular basis like I am today. Neither did I really get to publish my German (or English?) book on New York the way I had intended to. Yes, blogging was supposed to be more of a creative outlet and it surely has remained that to this point. But it has also turned into an online archive of all cool things I’ve accomplished since 2011, and that’s pretty neat, I find.

So what has happened in the past 5 years of blogging? So much and also so little. I think my blogging focus shifted immensely. Instead of trying to talk about the everyday hassles of a New York lifestyle I’ve become more focused on the positive sides of life. And of course the Big Apple has lot of great things to offer, once you allow yourself to experience them. From my beginning frustrations of juggling work life, blogging, and other passions to now – where I am still struggling to find a great balance between either of those two (or three). However, the urge to write a least a couple of times a month has certainly remained. In addition to wanting to let it all out and list new and old goals as time goes by.

Also, from my beginning frustrations of juggling my life here in this city to now – where I indeed consider myself to have found some sort of balance – however vague it might be. Lots has changed in the past five years of course. Undeniably. My writing style, which I sometimes consider to be better back in the days, when I was more passionate about an exciting story style instead of listing things the way I do now. My attitude towards everything and everyone. My life goals and my other goals.

But altogether, I think it’s still lovely to be here, on this great platform of WordPress. I couldn’t have imagined building up the community I have now when using anything other than this. Yes, it was all meant to be (I hope).

So this one is for you: Thanks for still following along, to each and every single one of you 578 followers!

And happy blog anniversary to you, too, whenever it might be. Take the time to cherish your accomplishments and to look back to see how far you’ve come! Milestones are important to acknowledge and celebrate, for they keep you going. Don’t forget that. Cheers!

5 year bloggiversary
5 year bloggiversary

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