Blog Anniversary: 3 years at German-American Abroad!

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Today, I had intended on writing a very different post. Finally motivated to tell you about some great performances of last week and our Wine Tasting in the Bronx, I logged into WordPress. And was stopped immediately by a small but very important notification:

Congratulations, you’ve been at this blog for 3 years!

Wooha! Trying hard to not ignore the fact that I hadn’t blogged in about a month, I went ahead and took a screenshot. Memories to be captured. Immediately!

blog anniversary 3 years

So here I am going, through my posts Blog Anniversary 2 and 1st Bloggiversary, trying hard to re-collect my memories of how it used to be. Back in the days, when I actually took the time and wrote up 4 posts a week. Or even 2 posts. Basically, more than the past 10 articles I’ve composed this entire year (so far).

I keep emphasizing how much I love blogging but it’s not until I sit down and write, that I get the long-lost feeling back. The feeling of loving to write, to share thoughts, to contemplate. Every once so often, a binge overcomes me, where I want to come up with 2 or 3 posts at once but then for a long time nothing happens after.

My life is busy. Everyone’s life is busy. New York is an insanely busy city. For example, yesterday I chose to go to this alternative music show around the corner from where I live to support my friend instead of just staying at home and writing a post or doing some editing or just relaxing. Every day we have distractions like this. Especially now, with the summer months approaching and the weather finally getting better.

I haven’t had much of an intimate relationship with blogging in the past 4 months. Sadly. Some relationships end, some are at a stand-still, and some blossom. I’d like this one to blossom again but realize that time is a crucial component to it all. Perhaps the key is more effective time management. Not over-using social media or wasting precious minutes by scrolling through useless feeds online but being free of distractions for a set time of day.

My third year of blogging has ended. Today this makes me feel great. I haven’t changed the design of my blog in probably 2 and a half years. Maybe I will just take the time to see what other formats are out there and incorporate it into a new concept. Or I will finally come up with a few more posts and get this blog going, into its fourth year of existence.

However it may be, I thank you, my loyal 295 followers, for sticking through and still visiting my blog quite frequently on a day-to-day-basis. What connects us all is once again: Creativity. And motivation to share thoughts, to live through one another, to meet exciting new people, and to experience different world views.

If it hadn’t been for this little online space of mine, I don’t know what kind of person I had become nowadays. Some bloggers have helped me keep my sanity, others have opened their wonderful world to me. I’ve lived vicariously through blogging and I’ve also lived miserably without it. I cherish the time I’ve spent on it so far and I hope to see more great posts created!

Cheers to this amazing Saturday!

Picture from this blogger gem:
Picture from this blogger gem:

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