Easing My Way Into Blogging (Again)


While letting some days weeks months pass by, I’ve come to feel that I really miss one thing in my life. Deliberate but also intuitive, creative writing. Taking pictures and editing these is one thing but it doesn’t necessarily satisfy all facets of my current life.

I have therefore decided to give it another go with blogging (as I have previously mentioned in the past, some long, looong time ago). But this time around I am actively setting a frame apart from the day to get my bi-weekly or weekly dose of composing words on a document.

I have not yet found the time or energy to catch up with all of the other wonderful blogs out there but I hope I will do so in the near future. For now I will focus all of my strength on coming up with a few wonderful blog posts on what I have been up to lately. Be it seeing off-Broadway shows in Manhattan, being part of the German Karneval in Alphabet City, or just contemplating on future plans – I think I am ready to share my thoughts with the world wide web once again.

Just in time for spring, which means some great events are hopefully right around the corner even though it doesn’t feel anywhere near to close. But also just in time for saying good-bye to a few fellow friends, who are easing their way out of this city and starting a new life elsewhere. Good-byes hurt, don’t they? Perhaps it is because of these reasons that I feel a fresher start in writing will give me a bit more satisfaction and fill an empty hole in my life I am beginning to feel…

For whatever other reasons it might be, bear with me. I am ready to give it a go!

One thought on “Easing My Way Into Blogging (Again)

  1. I need to do the same. I haven’t posted since the beginning of January which I think makes this the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started. Been buried under school work and getting called in a lot to sub. Hopefully I’ll get a chance this week to make a post.

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