The Beginning…it has to start somewhere!

“GermanAmericanAbroad: For what will not be written down will be forgotten.” -Laura

First and foremost, this blog is intended for my family and friends overseas, who could not join me on this whirling trip of life and who are therefore excluded of all the chaos connected to moving to another continent, adjusting to an 8-million-citizen city, and figuring out what to do with this enormous potential at my hands.

While I was considering blogging in German (since most of these people are, yes, you guessed it, still stuck in Germany), I figured that it would  just create another communication barrier for my attempt of keeping this blog wide open for any possibility out there and sharing my experiences with a variety of people from other countries. Also, I consider this an excellent (!) opportunity for you folks to polish up on your English skills and to, hopefully, have an entertaining time in following up on my posts. The creation of this blog (more of a creaction, if you know what I mean) is a mere attempt of me trying to avoid writing each and everyone one of you a personal update on my recent trip, my new job, my breath-taking experience, or anything else that seems to happen over here every other day – or so it seems. I know I know, this is not the most elegant way to let you know that I have become literally a bit burned out by writing lengthy E-Mails, never-ending Facebook updates, and numerous text messages just to let you know THAT I AM FINE! It appeared that once I send that one E-mail, I still had at least ten others ahead of me and, even then, there was no end to updating everyone on some new events. In conclusion, take this as a beginning effort of me conveying to you what I have and will go through in New York and the rest of the world without getting too personal and without addressing you directly. Nonetheless, I have to start somewhere.

Second, but not less important, this also goes out to all the folks who do not (yet) know me: I am a 23-year-old German-American blogger (new to the business but eager to learn), who has moved to New York City 15 months ago. I figured that writing things down besides into my personal journal would give me the advantage of looking back at the things I have accomplished, the things I still want to accomplish, and other dreams I am pursuing. You might find this page entertaining as it offers some insight into the German culture and how this reacts with a year-long-stay in the “so-not-European-at all” East Coast metropolis. Maybe you will also find two or three topics you will be able to recognize as something you have similarly gone through and you might agree with a few opinions I share.  If this is the case: I am ALWAYS curious to know your story of life, current living situation etc. etc. I consider this not only a great opportunity for creative writing but also a great chance for exchanging parallel or completely opposing ideas.

This being said, I cannot wait to start and update my very own site!

Cheers to all,


Manhattan Skyline

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