One Week of Blogging: A Summary of NaBloPoMo


One full week of constant blogging has come to an end. It’s great to see how I keep myself busy with catching up on old and new posts. I’ve also felt more inspired to write and come up with ideas. And I’ve almost completed my editorial calendar one week in advance, which is pretty unusual for me (as you might know by now). Despite wanting to write down posts in advance, such as when taking time on the weekends and writing them all down at once, I haven’t managed to pull it off yet. I am therefore writing my posts the evening before or the same day, which adds some authenticity to it, I bet.

One week of blogging can be best summarized as follows:

Day 1 was about introducing you to the NaBloPoMo challenge and how great it can be to follow a group when blogging for an entire month, every single day. I’ve added the badge to the right to show my support for the blogging challenge.

On day 2 I wrote about quiet, meditative mornings in the MoMa, an experience I had about two weeks ago. I was so impressed by not seeing a quazillion amount of people swarm around me that I vowed to go to more of these events in the near future.

No lines at an empty MoMa
No lines at an empty MoMa

Day 3 was all about Bear Mountain and the lovely, three-hour-long hike I had last month. It was peek fall foliage season and I have so many beautiful pictures to go with the worded impressions I’ve formed.


On day 4 I visited a pop-up gallery in Midtown Manhattan. After having coming across it on an Instagrammer’s post, I was impressed by the music, images and overall feel the tourism industry of Curacao provided in order to generate interest for their Caribbean island.


Day 5 happened this past Saturday and gives some insight into my weekend day in Brooklyn. Brunch, park, coffee – pretty standard sometimes in the fall.

Amazing views at Black Brick Cafe
Amazing views at Black Brick Cafe

On day 6 the annual NYC Marathon happened. It was amazingly inspiring to watch the high amount of runners pass me by, while standing in Park Slope and cheering for them. Later-on I found out that a few of my acquaintances had actually ran in it this year, which makes it even more special…

Super Mario 2016
Super Mario 2016

Day 7 is a throwback to last year. Spending autumn in the New York Botanical Gardens was quite inspiring, colorful and simply beautiful. I’m probably heading up there this weekend again, because this season is just so picturesque.


I’m looking forward to the next 7 days and completing the challenge at the end of the month.

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