Tough Love and Beautiful Colors: First Week of November

This week has been a hard one for me. I’m sure others have been feeling it, too, or at least felt out of sync. While it’s been my toughest week of the year , I am also reminded that there are so many beautiful things going on. It’s been the first week of November, and it has literally flown by. I had the chance to go see a long, Italian play at the Met Opera, so far my second time at this fine establishment. It was a true eye gem to look at and I was happy to have spent a great birthday with a person, who truly deserved this special gift of cultural epitome. Isn’t it satisfying to appreciate New York’s obvious treasures together instead of all by oneself?

The Turandot Opera at the Met
The Turandot Opera at the Met

Fall is still in full swing and here are a few impressions of a day spent at the Bronx Botanical Garden just yesterday:








It’s Sunday and this great thought from Serinda Swan’s Instagram seemed in order:


I am heading off to aerial yoga. Wishing you a cozy, relaxing, and great Sunday. Whatever you’re doing – I am hoping it will be for the best!

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