Looking Back on the Past 9 Days: Best Post and All Posts

7th day

It’s Day 9 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. Today I received an e-mail to recap the past few days with a post winner and a general overview.

I deem On Cell Phone Addiction and the Moments App best post of the past 1 1/2 weeks. Why? It has so far gotten the most online commentary and likes. It’s also been viewed the most throughout the month of March, which makes me really happen. Perhaps I’ve changed more than just one mind when it comes to (over-)using a cell phone.

Day 2: Taking Artsy Classes in NY: BRIC, 92nd St Y and More
This one is an absolute keeper as I have finally come up with a satisfying logo and a great business card template!

Day 3: Thoughts on Self-Hosted versus Free WordPress Accounts
Although still a bit sniffed about my account being pretty basic, I love the thoughtful comments received here. Thank you for taking your time and explaining to me your very own pro’s and con’s in regards to this topic!

Day 4: Spirit of the Wild and Extreme Planet: Shows Hosted by NatGeo
Two amazing presentations by two extreme photographers, now gainfully employed by National Geographic. I am still in awe and inspired nonetheless.

Day 5: Sometimes Days Goes By…
Contemplating on some lonely times and also some time-consuming activities.

Day 6: WordPress Versus Blogger: How I Chose My Blogging Platform
Another techie post for someone who is not super-techie at all (just like me!). Almost four years later I am still pretty glad I went for WordPress.

Day 7: Finding Time to Write Blog Posts: A Recap After One Week
As it goes with many things one likes, I also have put some time aside to simply blog.

Day 8: Thoughts on Being an Expat and Feeling Like an Expat
I posted this one to the online group on Facebook and a surprising amount of expats replied with almost the same dilemma I am having. Calling myself an expat or not, that is the question of the day. I guess a flexible view on the world is always the best way to go about, especially when it comes to labeling.

Here I want to stop and simply express my gratitude!

Thank you for following through and checking into the blog so far. I’ve been trying to be a decent writer every day and I am pretty stoked that so far I’ve gone without a break. Perhaps this time I will truly make it through the end of a challenge!

Until then, don’t miss out on any posts and feel free to subscribe to the button on the top right corner of this blog!

Thank you! Merci! Danke sehr!

3 thoughts on “Looking Back on the Past 9 Days: Best Post and All Posts

  1. It’s so weird, I found out my computer can read text when I highlight it. So wonderful but scary.. lol Good recap!

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