Here We Go Again: Day 9 of the 30-Day-Blogging Challenge

7th day

It’s Day 9 of the 30-Day-Blogging-Challenge and that means time to do some serious recapping. Approximately one and a half weeks ago I started my second round of the challenge, which prompts you to publish one new blog post every day. While I successfully completed round 1 (read more here), I also knew that there was still so much more to write about and that there were so many stories to be told than I had not gotten the chance to last month. Starting the challenge anew definitely caused me to consider some fun subjects. Most of them so far have evolved around the current season, which is gorgeous summer in New York. Find a quick summary of the first eight days below.

1) Celebrating the Happiest Day on Earth
June 28th marked the day of the New York pride parade. It fell on the same weekend the Supreme Court ruled that marriage was legal in all 50 states. Needless to say, this was quite a party in New York.

2) Events at Coney Island: The Mermaid Parade
The annual Mermaid Parade is always a gem to watch. Especially this year, since the masses stayed at home, causing me to witness some serious and fun art and being able to snap great pictures.

3) The Ivory Crush in Times Square: Changing the World One Step at a Time
One of the biggest events of June was certainly the second US American Ivory Crush, held in Times Square, Manhattan. Not only was it a politically important event, but it raised great awareness and aimed to be a forerunner to other nations.

4)5)6) Kicking Off the New York Summer: Free Events and More (Part I), (Part 2), (Part 3)
Three great write-ups on movies, yoga, sports, and culture during the summer months in New York. And the best part? It’s all for free! No excuses anymore to not tone that beach body or have some fun under the star-spangled sky.

7) Independence Day: Recapping Stories on America’s Biggest Holiday
The Fourth of July is certainly a pretty memorable holiday here in the States. So big indeed, that I felt obligated to recap my past 4 experiences and reflect on their importance to my personal life.

8) Horseback Riding in New York: Say What?
I had a great experience going on a ride with a horse in the midst of Prospect Park. Perhaps I’ve found my little city getaway only minutes away from my doorstep.

It’s great to have come so far in the blogging challenge for the third time already. Even though I gave up round 1 after 21 days, I am still stoked to have completed my first full round only a month later. I am eager to see how far I will make it this time around. Thanks for following and reading through the hastily written sentences of this blog. I look forward to Day 10 and beyond.

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