The Ivory Crush in Times Square: Changing the World One Step at a Time


Last week one of the most important events in Wildlife History went down in New York. Times Square hosted its legendary Ivory Crush – an occurrence that has only happened once before in the US. The purpose of this legendary Ivory Crush was to display the accumulated amount of illegally imported ivory to the US and to send the right message. A total of one ton disguised in statues and other forms was brought to New York. Read More »

Old San Juan: A Picturesque Part of the Caribbean


Staying in Old San Juan certainly had its perks. This part of town is quite walkable and it was not necessary to take a bus or drive around. It’s also an immensely picturesque part of San Juan. Indeed, one of my friends who had been to Cuba said that Old San Juan was by far prettier than Cuba itself. In about one hour you’ve probably seen most of its attractions, so it’s relatively small and you will certainly see the same people over and over again. Read More »

Daytrip to Culebra: Snorkeling and Swimming Around a National Wildlife Refuge

My first full day in Puerto Rico and what better way to spend it than taking the boat to a deserted island? My first day also coincided with my actual birthday so I was doubly excited to have it spent on the water and around some gorgeous reefs. Since I always try to make a trip to the beach on my birthday, this excursion seemed like a perfect fit.

Flamenco Beach View
Flamenco Beach View

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