Celebrating the Happiest Day on Earth: The New York Pride Parade

New York Pride 2015
New York Pride 2015

Today was perhaps the biggest party of the universe! June 28th 2015 marks the day of several pride parades throughout the country. With New York being the legendary runner-up, it ultimately hosted the biggest party I’ve seen in this city so far. Being part of the New York Pride is always a great experience but this year was special. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage and legalizing it in all 50 states throughout the US just two days ago, the entire country has been in a constant mode of celebration.

Facebook created the option to highlight your profile picture with the gay flag in the background. Conservative states such as Louisiana became a milestone marker when the oldest gay couple tied the knot right after the decision was made. Bars have come up with drink specials in order to get their business up. Gay and straight people throughout entire America have been acting nuts and it seems like the celebrations haven’t lost in intensity since Friday.

Of course New York is the city where things go down, and where else would one want to be out of all places in the world. It hosts the biggest pride parade of the entire country and 2015 was its super duper special year!


This year, the annual New York Pride parade started at 12pm on the dot. All around Broadway a high police force was present and tons of barricades. A group of my friends were watching it around Madison Square Park. When I got off the train to meet them, I was already met with a huge wave of happiness. The good vibes were undeniable and I could already tell this would be a pretty intense day.



One float after another rushed past us, some with cheerful music blasting out of their speakers. Other foot groups were simply singing, cheering, or waving their flags to us in the crowd. Free treats were handed out on a running basis – from rainbow flags over bracelets to beach balls and condoms – the list of goodies I have is endless! Older couples who had been waiting for this day since the gay rights movement were elated. The younger crowd was dancing all over the streets. It was a continuous party in non-stop-mode. NYPD had their own group marching for them. Followed by the Fire Department and blasting tuba players. It was a sight previously unseen and an endless supply of happy moments.





We ended up wandering away from this scene at 3pm and running into more euphoric people celebrating on the streets of Chelsea. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we made our way down to the Village. What a grave mistake elating experience, which led us to have the experience of our lives. At one point, around the legendary Stonewall Inn, there was no way forward or backward. We were completely stuck in between rainbow wigs and bare bodies. Elated people were everywhere – celebrating, cheering, puking and being immensely happy. And to my surprise, people just weren’t getting tired of celebrating, they kept going and going.

The overwhelming crowds at Christopher Street
The overwhelming crowds at Christopher Street


We tried to weed our way out this intense crowd and backtracked. Side streets were less crowded but still full with people. Where did all of these people come from? I asked myself. It was an endless supply of folks dressed in rainbow flags and dancing around us. We then tried to go to Union Square but at 6pm the parade was still in full swing and there was no way to go past Broadway. Eventually we just gave up and took a train on the West Side to get back to our home destination.



What a fun-packed day it had been. I’ve never seen this many people on the streets of New York. And what was even more astonishing is that everyone was in the same mode of happiness and emitting joyful vibes. No time for bad mood today! I can’t believe I was part of such an amazing celebration, such an amazing event. My friend compared it to the Civil Rights Movements of the 60ies. In a way, this is our generation’s milestone. Freedom of love, peace of heart for so many same-sex couples who were unable to express themselves freely up until very recently. Now they have the same legal rights as everyone in this country does. What a breakthrough indeed!

Today was the biggest party of the universe and the happiest day on earth!


4 thoughts on “Celebrating the Happiest Day on Earth: The New York Pride Parade

  1. Ah awesome that you were able to be there for that. I would love to have been. I’ve at least been enjoying the rainbows and happiness on most of my FB feed.

  2. I would have give ANYTHING to have been able to experience all of those amazing, wonderful, love-filled NYC vibes! Thank you for sharing, Laura! 🙂

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