How People Find My Blog: Analyzing Google Search Terms

After more than a year of blogging I have come to find that fellow Internet users have clicked this blog because of some of the most peculiar search terms. Below is a small selection of the most entertaining keywords and phrases from the past few months.

Does Luna Park have water rides?

It always amazes me but also makes me jump in circles when people find me through this search term. There must be a quazillion other blog posts on Coney Island, yet my three ones (Off to the Beach, Coney Island Reloaded, Coney Island on a Sunny February Afternoon) have somehow made it through the net of stories on water splash fun and family observations. Everyone who has been meticulously following this blog knows how I love the beach and how I love Coney. It’s a once in a lifetime experience – this old amusement park on the Atlantic Ocean. The wooden Cyclone, which still exists despite its historic age. The never-ending renovations on aforementioned Luna Park. The joy all of these rides must bring to the children and have already brought to me. Coney, you rock!

German roommate new York

This one wonders me. If Germans were looking for a “German roommate” wouldn’t they spell this out in, you name it, German, perhaps? Why on earth would any English or foreign-speaking persons search for this? What do they hope to find? Do they have a German-roommate-fetish? Do they think we are cleaner/ more responsible/ pay the utilities on time? If that is your motivation of why you want the species “deutsches Fräulein” oder “deutscher Herr” as your roommate in an insanely diverse city as this one is, I will tell you right away (before you get your hopes up): I have lived with the possibly dirtiest, most irresponsible, craziest, and unwilling-to-pay-utilities on time individuals. Yes, all of these were Germans. In actual Germany. And if you think New York is going to change that, I should introduce you to my German friend’s roommates. All who have fallen for the same stigma and must have been severely disappointed. Because my German friend never cleaned the shower, was ten days late for his rent, and had the lousy habit to stagger around the apartment on a normal weekday. No more beer for him!

Life after deleting facebook/ i feel alive again since i deleted my facebook

This deserves no vicious comment! Bravo to everyone who manages to feel “alive again” after getting rid of the social network site. I still remember the times I spent way too much time seeking through other user’s online profiles. And believe it or not, there really is a life after deleting Facebook. And it’s so much better than instead of being glued to the laptop 24/7, I can tell you that much!

Bar Brooklyn sanitary grade

Well, to be honest with you guys: I have not yet blogged about the sanitary grades here in the City. I would love to, and many times I’ve been tempted to, I just haven’t found the right moment and time to sit down and discuss these on here. Ever since my former roommate from Florida visited me with her girlfriend, I’ve been grossed out by even the greenest B plastered to a window. This girl was from Cali and she had some real horror stories to tell about New York’s kitchen statuses. More to come soon. I can feel my fingers itching to share…

i used to be online on whatsapp all the time but niw i dont too becauae am heartbroken

Disregard the fact that the statement is completely misspelled (I feel so much better now as I see I am not the only one mixing up those “i’s and ‘o’s, hehe). Just the sentence by itself is pretty …. interesting. Not to point out I cannot recall a single post in which I even mentioned “whatsapp”. People have real problems nowadays, is what the above search means. Instead of clinging to their perfumed love letters or tearing them up and thrusting them into the fire place, they now have to deal with a smartphone app that can easily be deleted from their repertoire. Boy… get a life!

guy in the bronx has foot fetish craigslist

Ever since I mentioned “Foot Fetish Ads” in my favorite piece on NYC Craiglist Ads and other Scam Stories, people have actually stumbled across my blog by purely seeking out foot fetish addicts or foot fetish parties. While I am flattered that such an unrelated topic is attracting hits to this site, I can just imagine the frustration on the seeker’s face once he sees what this blog is actually about – earning a hard living through honest jobs and not seedy foot prostitution. Unfortunately for these individuals, I am nowhere close to publishing a post on my foot fetish (in)experiences, so if you stumble across this one, now you know!

pee on train seats

Yes! I knew people would be looking for this one! Ever since I came up with the brilliant post of Creepy People on the Train, I was waiting for the clicks. For people whb have also experienced this phenomenon. Waaaait, how awful! I really don’t care how many more fellow train riders have dealt with the incontinence of crazy subway passengers. Hold on… Maybe it is more common to see this phenomenon in other countries, though? After all, there was this one day I had a few statistics from Timbuktu…

a**hole at far rockaway surf

I really wonder who they were looking for! I’ve only had good experiences with the ‘holes’ at Far Rockaway Surf, but then again, you never know whose tail got brushed up in the wrong direction now, do you? I am puzzled but maybe also complimented to see that even one year after my initial Far Rockaway Ocean post, people can still find me thanks to my detailed observations on how to surf at the beach. I will always keep this fun day in memory… And maybe one day I’ll find out who the real ass is on the beaches of Queens.

what is living in new york like

Yes, sometimes I wonder the same. And to clear my head, I blog. About my current life in New York, about my plans in New York, about my past in New York. New York is everywhere, surrounding me and us, and that is just how it’s going to be for the next few stories.

is there a place called montreal in Germany
I can assure you, there is certainly no place in Germany called Montreal. German towns have German names with a lot of –bergs, -dorfs, -stert, -ligs, -gaus, -heims and –steins. Depending on where in Germany you are, of course. While rural Southern towns tend to have –dorf in their name, big cities are rather unique in their constellation. Look at HamBURG and MünCHEN, for example. Same size, completely different structure. Yes, but one thing you can be assured of: You won’t find Montreal in Deutschland. Trust me, I googled it… It’s just too French.

Aside from the google search terms and other referrers, I really love to check out which nationalities are attracted to this little blog of mine. A friend once had the theory that a small country in Africa still speaks German and would therefore be able to read my blog if I were to ever write it in German. He certainly did not take into account that African countries tend to be poor and thus don’t provide great internet access to their eager readers who still have to go to school to learn the alphabet…

What are your favorite search terms? I am all ears!

9 thoughts on “How People Find My Blog: Analyzing Google Search Terms

  1. This was fun to read. I was thinking of doing a similar post on my blog at some point. The few most common are “German products” (71 searches), various searches including the words Patrick Henry Village (52), and :”Never Have I Ever” list and ideas (42). I find it interesting because I only have one post specifically about German products and briefly mentioned a few in the German Culture Class posts. I have written a few posts about Patrick Henry Village so that makes sense. I wonder what people think when they arrive via Never Have I Ever since I called the post where I answered whether I had done things or not Never Have I Ever because it slightly reminded me of that game but wasn’t about it.

    If it makes you feel better about foot fetish posts, one of the more bizarre ones I got was “girl foot close up” , more bizzare, I got it seven times. 14 people searched “how I met my husband”…I hope they’re looking for posts on how other people met their husbands, otherwise, I feel bad for them that they can’t remember, but the two who searched “how did I met my husband” make me wonder. Two people searched “”@@@@@@” “######” “$$$$$$”” If you can figure that one out, let me know. Two people searched “guy on beach”…I doubt my guy on the beach picture was what they were looking for, but maybe.

    • haha, those search terms are awesome! @@@ ### – what the heck? I can understand the Patrick Henry Village part, would see how quite a few people look that one up. You must be one of only a few people blogging about it.

      I also found that people find my blog because of the picture titles (whenever I name a pic it supposedly goes straight to google). So that might also explain some of your hits… 😉

      • Yeah I must be. I am probably one of the few blogging about Heidelberg in English also because sometimes when I Google things I haven’t even written about yet, I end up with my own blog among the first few results. The picture thing does make sense since I have posted the picture of the guy on the beach and I also did post a picture in one of my photo a day posts of my hand and foot….I guess if that’s the post it took the “girl foot closeup” people to, they got what they were looking for.

    • You should it’s a lot of fun! WordPress has this nice feature where you can look for “quarterly” and “yearly”. That’s how I came up with my list. My oh my, the things people search for…! I totally forgot to include ‘german girl nude’ lol didn’t have a comment for that one.

  2. I myself have not had very much search traffic to my blog but I always find it hilarious what people search for. I think that their off the wall searches is why I am on the top of the list. Other websites would have a higher ranking for your standard search. Which is why I think bloggers often find strange search engine keyword results.

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