Post 250: Reflecting on How, Why, and Never

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It’s been a rocky road up to here but so far I am impressed I am still hanging on. 250 posts – a reason to congratulate myself and all of you, who have continued reading this precious blog of mine. I guess it’s easier said than done – maintaining a presence in the blogosphere on a regular basis. Some of you might have been wondering why it’s become a bit quieter in the past few weeks months (and others might have not). I believe the true challenge is to juggle daily life, stresses, and everything else together with writing. Prioritizing what has to be done and what can wait, until whatever was put on the waiting bench wants to be let out someday.

While I admire those who blog almost every day, it remains a true mystery to me how they are able to do this with a full-time schedule going on. How do you guys manage to post and still have a normal life? Social obligations, hobbies, experiencing life – AND writing on the side?
I currently find myself in a full-time position that does not allow any down time at work (sounds like a reasonable New York job, I’d say). While my old job was more acceptable in terms of whipping up the one or other blog post during office hours, now this has become merely impossible to do (say for at least the past year or so). Therefore, I come home, am basically exhausted, and simply have no drive to sit in front of a laptop and continue with writing. Of course I want to also go to the gym or take some classes (I just successfully completed my first semester of Portuguese studies). Don’t get me started on how distracting New York by itself can be. I’ve already concluded that if I were ever to go back to school, this is just not the right city to be in to pursue a graduate degree. Too much going on, too many parties, too many events one could never possibly attend I just can’t miss out on. And in addition to all of this there remains the challenge of nourishing my second biggest hobby: Photography! So how do you do it, guys? I really want to know!

My priorities seem to also have shifted a bit and now blogging is not quite as important as it used to be. Such is life – you try it out, you immerse in it, and then you let it go. I feel that there are still a few more good posts to come but don’t be too surprised when one day it will all end. Or fall into a trickled drop of nothingness. Then, of course, there is the desire to fulfill what the heart seeks and that burning urge every time I have a pen or a camera in my hand. Perhaps over will never exist.

I’ve had my love-hate relationship with blogging throughout these past 250 posts. Some were really difficult topics, some informative and others easy-going. All in all, I am still writing about New York, and as long as I remain here this will most likely not change. I still find it admirable how people find my blog each and every day. Some google search terms won’t make sense. However, the other day my blog was added to South Slope News, a site that must have just been called into existence. It’s for these little things (being mentioned on other sites and writing for other webpages) that I am thankful I’ve hung on to the ride and not neglected the blogosphere for too long.

Either way, it has been some good posts and it has been some moderate posts but all in all, I am quite thrilled that I am able to meet this fantastic number in 2013. And this deserves an exclamation mark AND the colorful letters. Way to go to number 300!

250th blog post

2 thoughts on “Post 250: Reflecting on How, Why, and Never

  1. Go you, reaching 250 posts. I’m not even to 150 yet. I see no one answered the question of how to keep up with the blog and real life lol. I couldn’t tell you either. I have had to disappear all together through most of each semester. So far I haven’t found a job in the new location (but I did add on an extra class) so if nothing comes through hopefully I’ll have a chance to catch up the blog some more during the summer.

    • Yes, right now I aiming towards #300. It’s been a real challenge though, especially when working full-time. I can understand how you did not set this as your highest priority with your real life happening around you and grad school! Good luck on either finding a new job or blogging more often! 🙂

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