Spending Labor Day at the Far Rockaways

Labor Day Weekend was special in a few ways. One of them was certainly the advent of our first hurricane since Sandy. Hurricane Hermine decided to circumvent the metro area but the mayor still decided to shut down all beaches, quoting riff waves and rough currents as a safety hazard. The boyfriend and I decided to still go to the Rockaways and check out if you were able to swim or not. 

It was a hot and humid day and we wouldn’t have minded some ocean time. However, there were park rangers everywhere, preventing anyone but surfers from entering the water. I later heard that the fine was $80 and up for anyone who decided to take a dip (surfers excluded?). We got to wet our feet in the water but when we saw how high the waves were we quickly decided against swimming. At one point a wave was three times higher than a human – making for a fantastic background with a surfer in the foreground. 

Instead of swimming we went to Rockaway Taco and their new-ish location at the Surf Club. They had been there since the last year and it was great to catch up on Pacific-style fish tacos and their fancier version of elotes. Their location offers more room than the old shack, which is excellent considering the immense amount of people who want to dine here on the average weekend (when the beach isn’t closed due to a hurricane). 

Afterwards we went to lie in the sand for a bit and watch the surfers. We were also able to catch the perfect sunset on our way back to Brooklyn. Yay for last summer days and the beach – no matter if swimming or not.

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