Spending a Day at the US Open

A few weeks ago I had the chance to visit the US Open for the second time in my life. During my first time in 2014 I had purchased a grounds admission pass and walked around the area on a nice Saturday afternoon in late summer. I was so impressed with what there was to see, that I decided I wanted to return no matter what. I’m not a big tennis geek and spending a ton of money on a game I barely understand or are enthused about doesn’t make much sense to me. Therefore I was thrilled to find out about the so-called community day – a full weekday usually at the end of the event during which you can enter the grounds for free and roam around. 

On September 8th I hopped on the 7-train straight after work and made it in right before 6pm (which was the cutoff as to when people were to be let in for free). My friend arrived 5 minutes too late and was unlucky – she went to the nice park outside instead, which she had never seen before. 

The inside is quite spacious and offers almost everything – from shops over a food court and bars to the smaller stadiums. In these you can see the less significant matches, which are still a big deal as they are teen championships and showcase the leading talent of the world. 

The vibes are very happy and many people seem excited to be at the US Open. It’s certainly a nice occasion to dive into the sport of tennis and get to know more about it. 

I also love the fountain area and that you can see the main matches live on huge screens around it. I made it into the Grand Stand which was featuring a teen male championship and it was fascinating to watch the ball go back and forth. 

Afterwards I met my friend outside and we decided to take pictures in front the Queens Unisphere to end the day. 

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