Member’s Night at the Brooklyn Botanic: A Cocktail Evening around the Lily Pond

At the beginning of September the Brooklyn Botanical Garden hosted its last member event for the summer. It was a night filled with music, cocktails, fun and more. Ever since becoming a member by redeeming my membership back in September 2015, I’ve taken a lot of advantage of being in close proximity to the gardens. From seeing the Cherry Blossom Festival to visiting in the spring and summer, I feel I was certainly able to fully enjoy the Brooklyn Botanics for the past year. One great thing about being a member are certainly the exclusive events which are hosted every once in a while. One of these so-called member nights took place in April – right around the cherry blossom season. Back then my friend and I were strolling around the esplanade – taking in the full scope of spring and freshly bloomed trees. 

This summer a few cocktail events had been hosted, but I must have never had the time or never seen the e-mails in time to attend them. But a few weeks ago I made a point in being part of the member’s last summer event, which was a garden party around the lily pond area. A live music band was playing, cocktail vendors were selling wine and drinks, and people were picnicking all over the grass area. The air was warm and it was a great moment to be out and about, to take in the last few weeks of summery feels. Some of the members and their friends were dancing to the jazzy tunes, while others were sitting and enjoying the ambiance close to the two lily pond pools. Lots of families or groups of friends sat on the grass – enjoying the picnic they had brought themselves and just taking in the nice evening. 

While wandering through the gardens on my way back to the exit I couldn’t help but feel that, although summer was still very prevalent, fall was slowly making its way towards us. Some trees had changed their colors already and the faint but distinct smell of autumn lingered throughout. And although summer had been an amazing season this year, fall is always one of my favorites. Nothing beats colorful leaves on the ground, long hikes in the woods, and a life that is destined to calm down a bit.

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