Here I Am!

Back again! From the land of volcanoes, duff, and mysterious moorlands. Past those historic maar lakes, wine regions, and asparagus heartlands towards dark medieval castles and knight tales.

Yes, I am back again from a wonderful time spent at numerous places all over Germany. From North to South, from top to bottom – I’ve done my own little share of traveling during the voyage. And I’ve also discovered that, albeit Deutschland does not appear to be exotic in the traditional sense, it has many cultural places to offer that can still blow me away. Especially after being gone for so long. Where else would you run across signs for bell-founding? Or an excursion to a water castle? I wish I only had the time to check out more of those fascinating things to do. Well, I guess 10 days had to be enough this time around.

So I found myself at:
A bachelorette party in Cologne, a short visit to the city of Heidelberg, a drive up to my grandparents’ house in Niedersachsen.

And, of course, the ultimate reason for my trip: A beautiful Italian-Russian wedding that ended my stay in a bang. Many memories and pictures later I can say: I’ve probably done the most out of my time there. Now let me share the joy with you and start from the beginning…

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