Romeo and Juliet: Dramatic Show with Bollywood Twist

(courtesy of iPhone)
(courtesy of iPhone)

Starting tonight, a new show is coming to Access Theater in New York City. The newly-founded theatre company Hypokrit NYC has come up with yet another interpretation of one of the most popular and also most powerful love stories of the theatre and acting world: Romeo and Juliet – A Bollywood Love Story. Previews for the show have been running in the past two evenings with the main cast showcasing various parts of the piece.

Everyone who is familiar with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet knows the basics of the storyline: Romeo and Juliet meet, Romeo and Juliet fall in love, and Romeo and Juliet dramatically cease to exist within moments of time. The tragic ending is caused by the feud between the houses of the Montagues and Capulets, which cannot be broken or mended until the very end. No surprises in course of story here. The surprises are moreover found in the way scenes and characters are transformed.

(courtesy of iPhone)
(courtesy of iPhone)

Hypokrit’s interpretation includes four Indian dancers in Bollywood style between main scenes and interludes. Despite some comedic acting, the dramatic side of the story is well played out and not undermined. Overall, the show reveals great acting skills in both main characters and grabs the attention of the audience until the “bitter” end. New interpretations of roles include Mercutio being played by a female character. Not in disguise but dressed like a hard rock girl on her way to a club. The intimacy of the place forces the cast to draw closer in scenes including bigger groups. The party at the Capulet’s turns into a Bollywood-themed dance scene. The Montagues and Capulets are highlighted greatly throughout the entire show by a diverse and talented cast with simple yet dramatic effects when it comes to the famous duels.

Benvolio and Mercutio (courtesy of iPhone)
Benvolio and Mercutio (courtesy of iPhone)

Romeo and Juliet Bollywood Style – a show to watch this winter! Opening night is today at 8pm. Show runs until February 22nd. Highlights include two different casts. First cast is featured on most evening performances. Second cast runs Saturday matinees and Sunday nights. R & J is running off Broadway at Access Theatre in Downtown Manhattan.

Hypokrit’s first official show surely did not disappoint!

For more info on Hypokrit NYC visit their Web site.
To purchase tickets to shows running between Feb 6 to 22nd, go to Eventcombo.
Like Hypokrit’s Facebook page to see daily features on cast and show.

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