Celebrating the End of 2014 and the Beginning of 2015: Happy New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! By now, even the Western-most time zones should have made it through the last day of December and welcomed the first few hours of January.

I hope you had a great time celebrating, counting down the hours, jumping up high at 12am and enjoying a new annual beginning overall.


Every New Year’s Eve seems to be different here. This time I went ahead and took the PATH to Jersey City. Since a lot of my friends live there now, it only made sense to come their ways instead of meeting in Brooklyn. Of course no one wanted to do Manhattan and pay the excruciatingly high entrance fees to bars and clubs, so meeting outside of the city was a great solution.

We had a good time eating and pre-gaming at my friend’s house. Two crazy dogs tried to snag some snacks out of our hands while we were busy downing the booze.


Everyone had to try these funky glasses on!
Everyone had to try these funky glasses on!
... sometimes upside down!
… sometimes upside down!

After some hours of killing time and losing ourselves in endless convos about the difference between British and American humor (we had a Brit amongst us), we finally made it to a Biergarten a few blocks away from where my friends live. There we were greeted by more friends, who had hogged a table since 10pm (we showed up around 11:30pm). Despite an endless line at the bar I was optimistic to have some drinks before the New Year. Fail! While trying to avoid being pushed around by some aggressive New Jerseians, I had to witness some serious fights that broke out that night. Why were people in such a bad mood? Who knows. Drinkless but still happy we all cheered at 12am and then finally ordered a pitcher to our table. We goofed around for a while but, considering that the bar was still slam-packed and getting drinks was a serious matter of time, we decided to go back to our place. There we had unlimited booze and didn’t have to yell to talk with each other because of insanely loud music.

Chocolate-eating dog
Chocolate-eating dog

The next morning we woke up to a little scare. One of the dogs had eaten almost an entire pack of Hershey chocolates – all by herself! While we couldn’t decide whether or not we wanted to rush her to the Veterinary ER (chocolate is supposedly poisonous for little doggies), she seemed stable during her morning walk. We decided she was fine and went on to some brunch. And sure enough, we ended up at the City Diner, where the average order of food took around 45mins. Not surprisingly, since New Year’s Day is the biggest brunch day of the year over here! At least we didn’t have to wait in line for 1 1/2 hours, as it seemed with other places. Ringing in the New Year with a good time- successfully accomplished!

Proper Brunch
Proper Brunch
Proper Brunch
Proper Brunch

How was your party/ evening/ day? Do you care if you spend it with friends or do you cherish some alone-time during the big holidays?

4 thoughts on “Celebrating the End of 2014 and the Beginning of 2015: Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year! Wow that brunch looks really tasty and worth the wait. Bummer people were so grumpy but it sounds like you had a good time. I hung out at a friend’s house, drank whipped cream vodka in Coke; watched them, and then through a window their German neighborhood, shoot off a bunch of fireworks; and played cards against humanity. It was a good time.

  2. So much nicer to read it here! On viber it was the “had a fun time” line. Now I’m happy I can read your stuff here!

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